Necromunda My Underhive…Tiktaaliks Hobby Thread (with WIPs)

Mood shot of two rival inquisitors
So I just noticed that the only two threads that I post in are my own, and the one where everyone gripes about the current state of affairs in the hobby.

For the Record, I do purchase GW miniatures and use their parts exclusively in the conversions I post here because they are luxury items that I use to create my own vision of the 40k universe. Art? 😬. My uncle did something similar when he was getting his master of fine arts in the 80s. He would buy the expensive Michael Jordan Nikes and decorate them using like paint pens or similar.

My 3x3 board is taking shape. Needs more scatter terrain here and there. There are many places where levels have a height difference of >1“ and <1“. Anything lower than an inch is open terrain. I feel like it adds some visual interest to the pitch. It could prolong the games however.
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Big boy terminator almost done.

Help me decide, Yaktribe! Should I paint him as a Blackshield or Imperial Fist?

Id also consider another lesser known chapter where the fluff hasn’t been expanded to include Primaris marines.
Painted the terminator with a bit of sponge like mancinventor did his marines.
It’s super fast and pretty intuitive; I added progressively lighter shades of yellow over brown and the effect is very realistic.
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Valten returns and is not amused with the old world…

I made a Mini for my empire/dogs of war out of bitz from a table where you can sort through and buy them by weight. Really good stuff in there so I should have a couple freaks done in the next week or so. Plus, Automotive Insanity !
Bone road Death Race Skirmish with Delaque in command of Big Blue.

Two other vehicles made by my opponent. Both were disabled and broke through the ash crust in round 7


Deviously placed Terrain made things interesting for both side’s heavy vehicles.
Big Blue or Old Nr. 3 is about as wide as it is long and almost as big as a baneblade

My opponent had mining lasers, bolt guns and grenade launchers and was hot on my tail…


I on the other hand, put my faith in armor and put the pedal to the metal!


My second medium vehicle got rammed, damaged and left behind on turn 1. He came back as a reinforcement to get revenge.


Delaque being Delaque. Although he also met his maker on the wrong side of the ash crust.


Plasma weapons do work in the ash wastes, despite all of the vehicles having smoke vents.

A failed boarding attempt throws a wrench in the venators plans…


The late game sees Big Blue up in front with the Taurox watching his hind parts


The enemy leader abandons his crippled vehicle. My champion is thrown from the wreckage of his.


…And flees towards the finish line!