N18 N23 Badzone Enforcers List advice 1k credits - First ever local Necromunda Campain


Jun 28, 2023
Hi folks! I could use some Input for my very first 1k Domination BE Starter list.

First things first, I got a Sanctioner, which was allowed to me by our Arbitrator, since its a bit unclear if BE can get it or not, but usually isnt Allowed, I'm aware of that.

So, heres my 1k credits of BE:

Cpt. with Trick Shot, Bolter, Mesh Armor - 190 cr

Sgt. with Fast Shot, Subjugator GL(Frag, Stun), Mesh Armor - 150 cr

Sgt. with Hip Shooting, Enforcer Shotgun, Mesh - 160 cr

Sanctioner with heavy carapace Upgrade - 225 cr

Patrolman Specialist with Sniper Rifle, Mesh - 105 cr

2x Patrolman with Autogun, Mesh - 85 cr each

I am planning on getting Kraks for the GL Sergeant, Bolters for the Autoguns, Smoke and maybe a Concussion Cannon for the Sanctioner for some of my first Upgrades, most likely after getting like 3 Elisted Hivers with some basic Equipment.

Whats your opinion? Is this legal/ playable / fun?

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Looks good overall, not to dissimilar to my own setup.

A couple of points, firstly you can't upgrade brutes once you buy them, only when recruited. Also I'd suggest trying to add a couple of scum with lasguns, they are useful for adding numbers and pinning enemies down.
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Oh thats quite a relevant information with the brute :D thanks! Do the Hive Scums count as Gangers for the rule Leader+Champions= Number of Gangers?
No they are completely ignored for gang comp.

Basically you need at least one patrolman for every leader/champ, and then as many scum as you like.

Also I tend to use a heavy concussion ram rather than a GL, it’s more reliable, longer ranged and has seismic which pins everything. But that’s just my preference.
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Alright... Should prove interessting getting a Sanctioner with Weapons in there then 😅
Okay so rn I am struggling a bit to include a Sanctioner. Only way I found so far was building a Gang with just like 700-750 credits and then include him after the first roll of income, since the Layout with smoke ammo, Concussion Cannon and Heavy Carapace is 320 credits or so :D do you guys think I can survive the first 1-2 games with this:
Cpt - Bolter, Trick Shot
Sgt - Stub Gun, Shield, Fast Shot (getting a GL from TP ASAP)
Sgt - Shotgun, Hip Fire
Patrolman Specialist - Sniper
2x Patrolman - Autogun

(Everyone with mesh, so 4+ safe)

Sanctioner being included after 1 game at ~50%, pretty certain after the second game.
Then afterwards getting some Scums and Bolters on the 2 Patrolmen and a Frag/Krak GL on the Sgt

Feels kinda risky...

Alternatively, I could drop&add the GL Sgt later on, but I am missing out on a post game Action then.

I think this will be my final version, just hoping I get lucky with my first roll for income and get 70 credits or more so I can recruit my Sanctioner.