N95 and Outlanders SE London


Apr 24, 2014
Just seeing if anyone out there still plays the original Necromunda and/or Outlanders. Still got my old gangs and terrain and would love to play it some time. Unfortunately my brother who I used to play the game with, has moved to Liverpool and my dad isn't very well. So I haven't had anyone to play with for a while.

I live in Bexley, so anywhere accessible from there, I'd be happy to travel to.

Thanks for reading, have a great day.
Loads of people still play the original version, often called ORB (Original Rule Book) or N95 for Necromunda 1995.

Useful little search terms for on here.

While I’ve no idea if anyone is near you I do know we have a big meetup gaming event called YakMeet which takes place a bit later in the year. Its open to anyone on here, details in this thread:

Thread 'TAG WAR UK 2024!'

So if you’re prepared to travel (you say you are) and have this weekend free there’ll be loads of YakTribe members here playing all sort of games, with classic Necromunda obviously being one of them!!

We also have a free PDF called NCE (Necromunda Community Edition) which is basically a continuation of the 1995 rules which GW produced as a living rulebook in the early 2000s.
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There are definitely several members in London (it's a big place so I'm not sure which bits, it's all VERY South to me).
I'd say if you've got multiple gangs and plenty terrain of your own to not automatically dismiss the idea of just playing against yourself, until you can find local clubs or opponents. If your investment in the game and desire to play it are at all narrative and roleplaying based and about wanting to see stories play out more than the competitive approach, you just need to be capable of switching roles and characters between opposing gangs and playing each side to win sincerely, so to speak.. I was playing an NCE campaign with OG Delaque, Escher and Ratskins before N17 rebooted the game, and most of the Necro I've played since has been against myself. It can be even more immersive and enjoyable than playing against other people, and no unreliable punctuality, WAAC behaviour, dawdling or rules incompetence etc can spoil your experience when you play solo. Just my two cents, don't feel silly or sad to just get all your toys out and play, it may not suit you or feel worthwhile like it does to me, but nor does never getting to play an awesome game or tell awesome stories just cos there's no other enthusiastic nerd in your immediate vicinity eh. Hope you get to have some fun, but I say again if you want something done proper do it tha'self lad ;)
Funnily enough, the other day I was rereading the whole original tribemeet London thread (then known as Yakday London 2017). It made me wonder what the Necromunda scene is like these days and whether we could ever get ourselves together for another event like it, and I’d made a mental note to sound out the old attendees and any other London or nearby players about it.

The group Ben has in mind is called Lagnogg but I don’t know if they’re active at all. From a bit of basic sleuthing it would appear @Llewy and @enyoss are the the most recently active (last December) although IIRC if they are, they moved on to new Necromunda.

I had a separate and much less dedicated crew which, while we’re mostly all still around, has not played Necromunda for many years and I’m not sure the will would be there.

I’d be up for it personally though. If there were just one or two more, that would be justification for a little campaign.
Lagnog are mostly innactive... in terms of necromunda anyway. We played a little old world last month and they have some more going on now. I've dropped them a message to see if they are doing anything atm.

@ClockworkOrange I'm about 50 miles from London in Reading... but yes, I am closer than you are!
Ah I've been advised to send you towards LWG (London Wargamers) group. I assume a facebook search will find them (I'm not familiar wit hthe group or on facebook so cannot check)
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