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Nov 11, 2014
Nagoya, Japan
What a lovely day. Nagoyahammer is the local game convention here in Nagoya Japan. On top of a game of Epic, and giving Newcromunda a whirl (lots of fun, I am actually quite optomistic!) the ladz and I got in a solid day of GoMo.

Here are a couple highlights. More in the gallery "Konrad's Rumbles"

In his first ever GoMo game, Nagoyahammer organizer and all around good guy Stu pictured looming above the battle like the mighty god of war that he is, abandons his burning trukk and charges on foot. Did not end well, but dang if that was not waaaagh!

by Kon-rad on YakTribe Gaming

Next game was a rumble with 3 more established gangs. Stoogemob, the Diggachicks and the Red Rommelz. After chasing each other around for a bit, Stooge crashed his trukk into a rock. The Diggachicks lowered their boardin' plank and things got busy.

Round and round
by Kon-rad on YakTribe Gaming

by Kon-rad on YakTribe Gaming

by Kon-rad on YakTribe Gaming

Last game was an epic grudge match. Stoogemob staged a daring ambush on a Diggachick convoy in an attempt to rescue one of their ladz. That`s him with the Diggaboss standing on his face.

Da Captive
by Kon-rad on YakTribe Gaming

Reinforcements came in right on the mark. Igniting, spinning and immobilizing the Poozeewagon.

Light it up
by Kon-rad on YakTribe Gaming

Counterattack! The Diggaboss misses her Init. test and pins herself, but Rawla the Gunna leaps aboard the Segwaaagh!

by Kon-rad on YakTribe Gaming

Hand to hand sees Boogie the Gobbo get tossed into a cactus. The Diggatrakk swings around and in spite of some fancy dodging, forces the Segwaagh into a corner, rams it, and the resulting Engine Explosion hurls the Driver into the same cactus as Boogie.

Ignatz gets tossed in the cactus too!
by Kon-rad on YakTribe Gaming

Meanwhile Woogie the Gobbo tip-toes onto the immobile wagon and cuts the captive loose! The Digga boss recovers from pinning just in time, charges them both and smacks the captive back down. Not out, as Woogie is the 2nd fighter. Woogie looks up at all that WS6, power be-weaponed, Xena in earthtones and wonders if Gork or possibly Mork can find room in their green heart for a lowly gobbo. Turns out the answer is yes. As the scariest (and sexiest) close combat monster in the campaign rolled snake eyes, which resulted in a tie. Wooogie!

Woogie the Gobbo holds off the Diggaboss!
by Kon-rad on YakTribe Gaming

With most of the rest of his mob down or out, Stooge bottled out, his freed lad crawling back with his mates. In a most ironic twist, post game sees the Diggachicks capture not one , but two of the fallen. Looks like we'll have to do it again!
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