N18 Narco lords scum and mission crews.


Dec 15, 2019
I have. A question that is causing a bit on contention. With the narco lords you D3 plus 2 hive scum that can be added to your roster for any game and must be added for certain scenarios.
In the book of judgement it’s says that they have to be added to your crew even if it’s random. I am pretty sure that means that they can replace your regular ( possibly stronger ) fighters in a mission.
In the house of chains book they have added a line that it may take you over your starting crew size. Which people are arguing that they go on top of your crew size.

Any thoughts on this? I have a play with narco lords and the blood puts racket which can cause them to have 7 more fighters right off the bat which feels to strong imo.
One of many rings that changed from N19 to N20. Temporary bonus fighters became in addition to full crew. Also one way to boost the hive scum and bounty hunters which received a lot of criticism for being too expensive.

Alliances are generally considered OP and too strong. A lot of content in this game is extremely unbalanced.