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Nathanie1's Workstation.

Discussion in 'Miniatures & Terrain' started by nathanie1, Apr 24, 2014.

  1. nathanie1

    nathanie1 Gang Champion

    @trollmeat I love a good stub gun with dumdums. The increased strength is worth it on a leaders bs I think.

    I know you don't get the same 'to hit bonus' as other pistols but come on people, it's not a Klobb
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  2. nathanie1

    nathanie1 Gang Champion

    @LDD - haha, they are in the post

    @King Redwart came over today and we spent a couple of hours working on stuff.

    Got my scavvy king close to completion...




    I got out my scavvy Gang as I built them 18 months ago and wanted to see if they were still up to scratch, I decided that the two scales don't really cut the mustard for me any more so I'm going to make some new ones using my newly acquired and frankly excellent Blightkings kit
  3. trollmeat

    trollmeat Hive Guilder
    Yak Comp 2nd Place

    ....okay, the stub gun does look good ;-)
    The hand on the sword hilt really works well too.

    Look forward to seeing what you do with the blights for your new scalies :-D
  4. nathanie1

    nathanie1 Gang Champion

    Hey all, please check out my post in the new terrain forum here on Yaktribe. If you have ever wanted to have input on what is built by terrain companies for your hobby this could be a good chance
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  5. grimwork

    grimwork Ganger
    Yak Comp 1st Place

    The Scavvy king looks great btw!
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  6. nathanie1

    nathanie1 Gang Champion

    So we have just begun a new campaign "Raking it in" and now that the group is quite settled we are playing around with some added
    dimensions in terms of game mechanics and narrative. Even simple ideas such as a hired gun pool that we all use together, bidding against each
    other for their services has already added a fun new dynamic. Another idea we wanted to explore was having a 'forbidden artefact', an object that could be passed between gangs randomly that give the gang both benefits and disadvantages.

    The rules mechanic for this is yet to be locked down but I volunteered to write the fluff for the artefact and give a narrative for how it had found its
    way down into the under hive. This was a task that I have then put off for the last two weeks, partly because I have not engaged in any form of creative writing since junior school and therefore did not really know where to start.

    Any who this week I have had a dreadful case of flu complete with fever and hallucinations and at some point during this process I churned out this. I really enjoyed the process once I stopped worrying about sounding like a tit and it was a great distraction from how rotten I have felt. Ive sent it through to Beardlegend as he is our official fluff writer (he really knows what he is doing) but I wanted to post it here as well in its unedited form before it gets chopped and changed to fit the narrative

    Thanks to anyone who takes the time to read it....

    From the observation deck the planet seemed to hang suspended in the void, a dirty brown marble of rock, each hive appearing as an angry welt upon its mottled surface. It had only taken the Telemachus three weeks to arrive in orbit since the signal had been picked up but the stress of the wait had taken its toll on Pyke.

    His jaw set as he stared at the planets surface. Ten years, was this really where it would end? Or were they too late again?


    It should have made their fortune, his, Grady’s, the whole crew. The hulk had ripped back into realspace directly in their path, the chances of such an occurrence were as astronomical as the fortune that could be made from whatever she contained and it was in every fibre of Pyke’s nature to take whatever chance the galaxy afforded him. His son would live off this haul for the rest of his life, Wyatt was too young to be living the life of his father, this would change that.

    Only there was nothing, 5 days of the exploration revealed no more than an endless expanse of empty deck halls, gantries and bunk rooms, so uniform in their appearance that at times it would feel as though the crew were going in circles. And there was something else too, a stillness, stifling and expectant, as though the air in every chamber had hung undisturbed for millennia and the simple act of walking through each space was a desecration of its natural state. Eventually Pyke gave the order to cast off although the failure was bitter in his mouth.

    The landing bell rang through the upper deck as the ship prepared to nudge her way through the acrid atmosphere above Hive Primus. Pyke blinked and looked down at the thumbed pages of the book in front of him.

    Grady’s Log

    10.05.2nd Cycle. 2 days since we left her and everyone is still sore over the lost opportunity, you can feel the despondency in the air, like an extra crew member. The Captain is in a fierce mood, this one has hurt him.

    12.05.2nd Cycle. The crew are becoming increasingly restless. Talk of being watched when at work or alone is muttered in the mess hall. Pyke pays no heed though. Pirates always have been superstitious by nature. The ships cat refuses to enter the hab blocks, instead he skulks and hisses in the empty brig

    14.05.2nd Cycle. Troubling dreams experienced by several members of crew, of being pulled into a endless blackness, thick and warm and at the centre a figure, pale and gaunt, calling without calling, a white willow in the void. I dreamt it too but said nothing. What can it mean? I conducted an external scan of the ship to check for any outside interference, all signs normal.

    18.05.2nd Cycle. The ships cat has gone missing. Bryce the cook swears he heard it spit and scream but found no trace on inspection. He says he will murder anyone he finds that harmed it, We have plotted a course for the veil, time off ship will do everyone good.

    22.05.2nd Cycle. The captains son has taken sick, his small frame wracks and spasms and his eyes stay wide open and unflinching, stricken and without focus. The Captain sits with him day and night, no meds or stims seem to have any effect. Farley has moved most of the infirmary equipment to his quarters and will take over the vigil. The crew mutter that we are cursed. Moral is low.

    29.05.2nd Cycle.. a black day, the crew fought in the mess hall. Colton broke Bryce’s arm, saying he was whispering dissent in his sleep all night. Everyone is struggling under a great weight, as if the air itself is thick like treacle.

    31.05.2nd Cycle. Farley says nothing more can be done for the boy, He has moved all equipment back to the infirmary and locked himself inside, not being able to help the lad seems to have taken its toll, crew are instructed to give him some time.

    33.05.2nd Cycle. We have a miracle, Wyatt’s woken up, hungry but happy and with no memory of his illness or any events since we cast off. The crews mood is lifted by his return and laughter rings out in the mess hall for the first time in days. Farley emerges briefly but claims he is feeling unwell, he worries that whatever Wyatt fell with is contagious and requests that Pyke allows him to quarantine himself. We all agree this is the best course.

    36.05.2nd Cycle. The oppression that held sway over the crew has returned and intensified. Colton and Vance report seeing “a pale shadow” move through the Brigg on the observation monitors. A full sweep of the ship is ordered but nothing is found. Wyatt has complained that his trunk is missing from his room, it probably got shoved in storage when the med equipment was piled in, but he seems oddly distraught about it despite insisting that there was nothing of value inside. I went and asked Farley if he has it with him but he says he doesn’t. it was the strangest thing. As I approached the bay door I could hear him deep in conversation, I opened the shutter hatch to see who he was with, after all, the man is quarantined, but he was alone and furthermore furious for the interruption, says he was noting his condition, he looked like hell.

    38.05.2nd Cycle. I pulled evening watch last night. I am not a man prone to flights of imagination. I have travelled further than most will ever dream and have seen more things than a man has the right to in his life time. But last night I have no words for to explain. I was watched, I know not by who, or maybe I should say by what, but I know that I was not alone. Something is here with us, now, on the ship. I reported to Pyke and he was savage with me, but I know he feels it too. Ive spent my whole life following that man but this is the first time I have seen fear in his eyes. We cannot reach the Veil soon enough.

    40.05.2nd Cycle. We are not alone. Colton went missing during the evening watch. No sign of him on every level. Crew are very rattled and captain has issued a full curfew and paired duties at all times. Emperor protect us.

    02.06.2nd Cycle. It’s over, I look back on my previous entries and shake my head that a man with my experience could be so shaken. Farley, the bastard, it had all been him. We were woken by the alarm from the evening watch. Bennet and Henderson heard Farley shouting at someone from inside the sick bay, when he didn't respond they forced their way in and he attacked them with a scalpel. He looked emaciated, like he had not eaten in weeks and he had mutilated his own face and hands. He should not have been able to stand let alone put up much fight but it took four of us to eventually bring him down and he made a real mess out of poor Bennet in the process. I have never known a man possess such strength. We found Colton’s body, broken and stuffed in a cupboard. I also found Wyatt’s trunk. As soon as I moved to it Farley went berserk, screaming for me to get back and pulling at his restraints so hard he snapped his own wrists, so we moved him through to the operating theatre where we could seal him off. This he found very upsetting, soiling himself immediately and blubbering that we “could not take him away from it” Inside the trunk was various of the boys clothes and trinkets and unfortunately, the decomposing body of the cat. Pyke insisted that he question Farley immediately but when the doors were opened we found the fool had swallowed his own tongue. We jettisoned the body immediately, no honours. A formal burial for Colton will be held as soon as possible and hopefully we can put this godawful mess behind us.

    03.06.2nd Cycle. I have found something in Wyatt’s hold chest, hidden under his clothes and linens. It is the strangest thing, a stone, small, unevenly shaped, oddly warm to the touch, smooth and black and heavy. I have never seen anything like it. I have asked the boy about it and he says he has no memory of it whatsoever, although he immediately asked if he could have it and got quite upset when I said I was keeping it for analysis. I can only presume he picked it up on the hulk, it may well be ancient tech, or alien, some sort of navigational tool or lode stone. I am certain of nothing but that it has value. I don’t know why but I haven't reported it to Pyke. I want to have a better understanding of what we have before I present it to him.

    04.06.2nd Cycle. I have told the Captain that I need a rest day after Farley, He has consented. I have it now, in my hand. Its weight sinks into me, its strangely comforting, and black, inescapably black, blacker than the void, black and warm and bottomless. I could almost fall into it, as if this outside world were merely a precipice that we all cling to, but I could choose to let go and allow the the thick warm dark to swallow me up and cradle me. I find that I have stared at it so long that I have missed the evening mess call but it is no matter. I feel perfectly comfortable just here, just as I am.

    06.06.2nd Cycle. So black, so smooth, So heavy,. So smooth. And at the centre he is there, I see him now. The pale man, he whispers to me in my sleep. He knows them all, he has been watching us. And he tells me, each secret a gift. Bryce has loaded dice for when we play cards, Vance once loved a girl on Perusia Minor but she broke his heart so he joined a ship. Bennet wanted to be an artist before he lost two fingers in the mines on Baphael. All of their lives, one choice after another , completely unaware of their insignificance, so easily snuffed out. So black, so heavy, so smooth and so heavy.

    10.06.2nd Cycle.

    Pyke shut the log and sat back in his chair. The final moments played across his mind again. Waking up to the sound of the emergency generator kicking in. The footsteps of the crew pounding down the main gantry to the Engine Room. His own laboured breathe as he vaulted the final landing and burst through the hatchway, Vance’s hacked up body on the floor, he'd been the watch that night. Both engines hewn at, their delicate cores crippled and smashed. Then the scream, a long sad scream, the scream of a child.

    By the time he and the crew had made the journey across the ship the escape pod had already gone, his son lay in the centre of the deck. For a moment, to Pyke, he looked asleep, his mind refusing to accept the information it was fed, the grey pallid skin, the steady flow of blood pooling around his little frame.

    Later they would learn from the ships monitors that Wyatt left his room shortly before the alarm went off. What unseen force compelled him to do so Pyke would never know but he made his way, still in his bedclothes, calmly down through the hold, past the brig and out to the loading bay. He was there when Grady arrived, he stood, hand outstretched, demanding something from the man, the silence of the monitor feed could not remove the intent of the gesture. Then Grady stabbed him.

    If it were not for the homing bead they would have never been able to chase him. All of Pyke’s crew had one so they could locate each others position using a central mainframe on the Telemachus’s bridge, invaluable when exploring derelict vessels or when one of them ran in to trouble whilst in port. A small sensor embedded between the skull and first vertebra, powered by the synovial fluid of the spinal chord, cheap, effective and unremovable. When the Telemachus finally limped into the Veil Grady had already killed two guards who had attempted a stop and search and then made off on a transport bound for the Eastern Fringe. Pyke tried to dismiss the crew, the plan was to trade in for a solo vessel, but none of them would leave. There was loyalty among thieves if you made things personal enough.

    Then began a long protracted chase.

    The lurching jolt of changing atmospheric pressures shook the Captain from his thoughts. He swiped across the control board and brought up the last image taken from the feed, Grady, half way through the hatch, turning round, probably at the sound of the approaching crew. Pyke magnified the image then turned it on its axis. This was the face he saw at night that made him fear his sleep, the gaunt pale skin, nostrils flared and lips curled cruelly, smirking as he looked back on what he was leaving for them to find. But it was the eyes that stayed with Pyke. He would see them as he stared up from his modest bunk at his cabin ceiling, he would see them when he sat on the bridge each evening, looking out into the endless night. Sunken like pools they seemed to rail against the rest of Grady’s face, for inside them, behind the mask of cruelty, Pyke saw terror, pure raw terror, bleeding out from their pale prison, helpless and damned.

    Below them the spires reached up like clawed fingers, groping out to pluck them from the sky. He was down there, even if the beacon hadn’t been steadily pinging as they approached Pyke would have known, he could feel it through every fibre of his soul. Soon it would be over, soon he would come face to face with the only real friend he had ever known, and he would kill him.

    So there it is. Hope you liked it.

    nathanie1 out
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  7. hreikin

    hreikin Gang Hero

    I want more :) Seriously i thought that was great and wanted it to carry on !
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  8. trollmeat

    trollmeat Hive Guilder
    Yak Comp 2nd Place

    The story will continue in the campaign! :-D

    Glad you were ill and therefore had the time to sit/lay down and write this ;-)

    I'm never awake so I'm struggling to figure out how it will translate into game mechanics. Looking forward to seeing how it works out :)
  9. nathanie1

    nathanie1 Gang Champion

    we only spoke about it drunk over curry but the basic idea was this.

    a random gang finds the artefact during the campaign. noone, including the player, knows which gang member has it. the artefact will move to a new gang when gangers are taken out of action. say three gangers go out, you roll a d6 for each member, on a 6 they hd the artefact and it is picked up by the gang that caused the injury.

    the longer the artefact stays with a gang the more effects it has. we could say something like....

    after two games one random gang member develops a weird minor power.
    after three games two random gangers fight as per the leadership challenge rules
    after five games the entire gang sufers from the effects of hallucinegen grenades on a roll of a 6

    this is just me talking off the top of my head but you get the idea
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  10. ineptmule

    ineptmule Gang Hero
    Yak Funder

    It's really cool because it can tie in nicely with an idea I've been mulling over for a long time, of having a spate of 'psychic mutations' in the hive and eventually drawing the attention of an Inquisitor who comes to hunt down the deviants.

    In this case it would start off that way - inquisitor coming along to investigate the psychic activity - and eventually twigging to the artefact.

    Awesome fluff by the way Nate. You should get sick and write more often!
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  11. JimboDeany

    JimboDeany Gang Hero

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  12. Alobar

    Alobar Gang Hero
    Yak Supporter

    I'm down with this too. Lets see where it takes us...
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  13. BeardLegend

    BeardLegend I can't grow a beard

    For the record, I had a look at this and I wouldn't change a word. We'll work it into the campaign within the next couple of weeks. I just had to think of a way to tie it in with the other narrative we're running but I think i'm settled on it and will sort something out tonight/tomorrow, between tidying up the flat.

    The psychic ideas are lots of fun ... and bringing another dimension to the campaign like this would be the mutts.

    The thread that it'll be worked into is here ...


    ... the main cut and thrust of the plot hasn't even begun yet, but will do by this weekend, so watch this space guys. This is going to be a good, well documented year.
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  14. nathanie1

    nathanie1 Gang Champion

    Got some game time and some modelling time in over the long weekend.

    Cobbled together a new wyrd and a second pit slave boss for my own gang.







    I have not done any Green stuff to either yet and the bosses shoulders look a little bare but aside from that they are pretty much there.

    Nathanie1 out
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  15. hreikin

    hreikin Gang Hero

    i love the wyrd, where is it from ?
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  16. nathanie1

    nathanie1 Gang Champion

    @hreikin he is a dark eldar homunculus
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  17. Studio Dave

    Studio Dave New Member

    That story is a bit dead space esk, I absolutely loved it xD
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  18. hreikin

    hreikin Gang Hero

    thanks, yet another mini on my never ending list of things i need to buy :D
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  19. nathanie1

    nathanie1 Gang Champion

    Got a chance to do a bit more, started with a few simple swaps, changing the head on my Deacon to something more elaborate and giving the pit slave chief another buzz saw. the two saws and a flamer make me think he worked on an agri world felling forests



    I then went about kit bashing the rest of the gang. note no green stuff yet







    I don't know how many pit slaves make up the average gang, I will build another pit fighter and pit slave and that should be enough to start with. The guy on the right in the group shot is my Techno armed with an autoslugger
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  20. trollmeat

    trollmeat Hive Guilder
    Yak Comp 2nd Place

    *envy* They look fantastic! Great rag-tag mix of escapees working together to make a awesome team. :)
    ...slight change of wording would fit right into Necromunda, without importing slaves from offworld.

    You're probably looking at a gang of 8 or so models (including 2 technos), to start with.

    Chief(140) with two [BuzzSaw/Chainsaw or Rockdrill](2*15) and a Flamer(40) =210
    Techno(80) with Flamer(40) and [Autopistol or Stub Gun with Dum Dum Bullets](15)=135
    Techno(80) with Flamer(40) and [Autopistol or Stub Gun with Dum Dum Bullets](15)=135
    Pit Fighter(60) with 2*[BuzzSaw/Chainsaw or Rockdrill](2*15) =90
    (half gang must be Pit Slaves)
    Pit Slave(60) with [Claw/Hammer or Shears](10), and [Autopistol or Stub Gun with Dum Dum Bullets](15) =85
    Pit Slave(60) with [Claw/Hammer or Shears](10), and [Autopistol or Stub Gun with Dum Dum Bullets](15) =85
    Pit Slave(60) with [Claw/Hammer or Shears](10), and [Autopistol or Stub Gun with Dum Dum Bullets](15) =85
    Pit Slave(60) with [Claw/Hammer or Shears](10), and [Autopistol or Stub Gun with Dum Dum Bullets](15) =85
    ==880 creds spent
    +1 more Pit Slave as above.
    ==965 creds spent
    35 creds left over.
    Before buying the extra Pit Slave, the remaining 120 is not enough for two models, as the minimum cost for a Pit Slave is 70 (60+weapon). So if you wanted more than 9 starting models you'd be stripping equipment down to even more basic than this example is already.

    Anyway, I should have not replied at all - my brainsocket is empty/never works :-D
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