NCE Blind in both eyes?

Ben Neeson

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May 23, 2014
This seems an odd rule to me, I was thinking about making a house rule of suggesting a change to the current rules.

Blind in one eye -1BS.... now if you roll the same injury again its just a further -1BS. I would suggest on a 4+ the fighter loses the 2nd eye and is now totally blind and treated as dead.

Anyone think this could do with changing?
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Don't have my rulebook to hand but isn't the injury "partially blind" rather than outright blind in the eye? Which as I understood meant that's why the originally injured eye could be further injured.

Apologies, the above sentence reads horribly.
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It's partially blinded now, so fluff-wise the model might have had a bit of shrapnel in the corner of their eye and just have a bit of a blurry patch.

-1BS does not make sense anyway, if the model loses one eye entirely they can still sight down the barrel with the other - snipers don't have binoculars fixed to the top of their guns (and a person with one eye would have no depth perception, which would be more relevant for WS/close combat and Initiative/falling).

It would make more sense to rename it to just partially blinded, and drop the right/left eye bit entirely. That way partially blinded would be -1BS, and then -2BS, with a third injury to their eyes forcing them to either hang around waiting for a bionic, or retire/be souped.
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after a few games it seems so few fighters die in post battle roles I though a blinded fighter would be a good way to retire someone. Did it used to be blind in one eye in the ORB? Id like the idea of keeping a blind fighter in the "stash" with the option of a bionic eye bringing him back.

Agree WS makes more sense with no depth perception but there is already a -1ws injury so dont mind it being -1bs. Just think losing both eyes should be a bigger deal.
Just checked, ORB was much better,

BLINDED IN ONE EYE. The fighter survives but
loses the sight ol one eye. Randomly determine
which eye. A character with only one eye has his
Ballistic Skill reduced by -1. If the fighter is
subsequently blinded in his remaining good eye
then he must retire from the gang.

Stupid thing to have changed
I actually thought the blinded in one eye change in the NCE was one of the good ones.

Anyway, are deaths really so infrequent that we need more of them? If so, the natural solution would be to change Infected Wound back to Dead - not that I agree there's a problem in the first place though.
The chance of you rolling up an injury in each eye is very slim too.


That said, I remember being terrified that my already one eye blinded combat monster, Warren G (it was the 90s...), would roll up a blinded result for his other eye and be taken from me forever :(. Looking back, that might have been slightly irrational.
Speaking as someone with very poor vision in one eye, flawless in the other, the -1BS only makes sense for thrown weapons. It messes with your distance judgement - which I can tell you from direct personal experience has no impact whatsoever on ability to aim guns, but a good deal on accurately hurling something.

Most people AUTOMATICALLY CLOSE ONE EYE when looking down a set of gunsights and in fact have to be trained not to. The reason not to has nothing to do with accuracy and everything to do with closing one eye decreasing your situational awareness - you have directly less chance of spotting an appearing threat to your left if you've got your left eye closed.

To my eye (har har har) it's one of Necromunda's most glaring departures from believability.
Different kettle of fish IMO. Basically you've got what's called acceptable breaks from reality. Things like faster-than-light starships in a game like Elite: tell a physicist about it as if it were a serious physics proposal and he'll look at you funny, sit him down in front of the game he'll likely have a hoot.

Something like a chainsaw sword or a death ray that thinks it's a 1920s anti-tank rifle fits into the conceits of the setting, they're both very 40k, whereas an injury effecting someone in a nonsensical way has very little to do with being 40k. It's annoying for the same sort of reason as the impassible waist-high wall in a computer game. One's stylistic, the other's just a result of the devs derping.