N18 Necrodamus/Bookromunda (rules compilations)

Hi !
In Necrodamus the SANCTIONER PATTERN AUTOMATA (necrodamus p.129) lack of his light carapace armour and the upgrade to heavy carapce armour for 20 credits.
In addition, it's not said that the pacifier assault claw and/or heavy shock baton can be replace (Book - The Aranthian Succession II - Vaults Of Temenos p.108)
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The rules say the following:

An Enforcer ‘Sanctioner’ Pattern Automata can replace their pacifier assault claw and/or heavy shock baton with one of the following:

This is translated in Necrodamus:
Can replace one or both Melee weapons with the following:

Is this what you meant?
New version of Necrodamus is up, fixing a couple of problems:
  • Sanctioner got light carapace, can be upgraded to heavy for 20.
  • Arthromite Herder cost changed to 40.
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It's a sad thing.

Wouldn't it be nice if GW could allow (or provide, even!) a compiled online ruleset like Necro-Vox.
Pathfinder 2E does this to great effect - core rules are freely available so everyone can play, they still sell books of that content for those who want them.
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Hey folks -

Can I request a copy of this? And how worried should I be that the GW lawyers are going to actually shut down necrovox? is there a world where they just change the names on everything?