Necromas Songs


Jan 5, 2021
Xmas songs munda style!

Leave a title from the album "Now that's what I call Corpse Startch" and add a few lines, I'll go first!

Track 1:
Orlockin' around the ammo tree.

"Orlockin' around the ammo tree
At the Cirpse startch process plant
Heretics hung where you can see
Every Cawdor tries to stop
Orlockin' around the ammo tree
Let the shotguns start to sing!
Later we'll have some body pie
And we'll do some shotgunning!

Your turn 🤣


Yakmarines 2nd Co. Word Priest
Yak Comp 2nd Place
Tribe Council
Jun 1, 2016
Ellon, United Kingdom
Oh I'm all over this.

"Oh the ash outside is toxic,
And our existence is tragic,
And since we got no domes to loot,
Pass the spook, pass the spook, pass the spook."


"Jingle bells,
Moira smells,
Oh feth she heard me" *muffled screams, bones crunching*


"Auto-fire, are you listenin'
Bullets fly, cases glistnin'
A beautiful fight, we're having tonight,
Shooting all these f***ers in the dark..."


Gang Hero
Yak Comp 1st Place
Jan 19, 2019
Sectoris XII | Castrum Vindobona | Austria
Way bells ring, pilgrims filing,
In the lane, ash is piling
A beautiful sight
We're hunting tonight
Blasting through an ash waste wonderland

Gone away is the sheen bird
Here to stay is a tomb world
We sing our song loud
As we drive you to ground
Raiding in an ash waste wonderland

Near the hive base we will build a corpse pile
We'll pretend that we can't hear you plead
You will scream for mercy,
We'll say, no man
The dark gods like to see it
When you bleed.


Yakmarines 2nd Co. Word Priest
Yak Comp 2nd Place
Tribe Council
Jun 1, 2016
Ellon, United Kingdom
When the Escher got stuck in the chem-pipe she began to shout,
You boys and girls won't get any stims until you pull me out,
My lungs they burn,
My skin it melts,
My clothes are dissolving too,
When the Escher got stuck in the chem-pipe,
*Tuneful gurgling noises*

Mr. M

Gang Champion
Honored Tribesman
Aug 1, 2019
San Jose, CA
An Orlock is roasting on an open fire
Sump fumes saturate your clothes
A dirge being sung by the psychoteric choir
And folks all lurking in the shadows
Everybody knows a WAAC turkey who’s a zero
“Help!” someone is screaming in the night
Tiny dots in the infra sight aglow
Will put you hard asleep tonight


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Yak Comp 3rd Place
Oct 30, 2016
Durham, uk
At the risk of bad luck singing Christmas songs late, he’s my contribution:

Scruffy Nomad (little donkey)

Scruffy nomad, scruffy nomad
On the ash waste road
Gotta keep on plodding onward
With your precious load
Been a long time scruffy nomad
Through the down cycle
Don't give up now scruffy nomad
Hive Primus’s in sight

Sound those alarms tonight
Hive primus , hive primus
Follow that van Saar tonight
Hive primus, Hive primus

Scruffy nomad, scruffy nomad
Had a heavy day
Scruffy nomad, carry Weaponry, safety on, by the way