Necromunda - Any Fixed Rewards Campaign Rule Set?


Aug 18, 2020
Hi All

I’m considering running a short Necromunda campaign that aims to remove the imbalance in gang power that can develop due to certain scenarios, rewards and tactics cards.

I’m wondering if anyone has already created a campaign rule set similar to this (and I can build on that) or whether I need to start from scratch.


One game per week and I will set the scenario for that week’s game for everyone to play. These will likely be entirely new scenarios or custom scenarios. I want to borrow heavily from the ITC/9th edition 40k mission set. This rewards you for (a) killing things and (b) holding objectives.

One example scenario as follows. 48”x48” board. Five pre-set objectives. One in each deployment zone, the others in the middle of the field. Score one point for holding an objective. Most models within 3” of centre to hold. Score an additional point for holding more objectives than the opponent. Score one point for taking an enemy fighter out of action or a serious injury. Score an additional point for doing more than your opponent. No tie breaker.

I think objectives really help to discourage heavy shooting lists and create a more dynamic game.

I don’t intend to throw out existing scenarios but would like to tweak them. Existing scenarios I would like to use include the one where you plant/disarm bombs and the one where you harvest or save hivers.

Scenario Rewards

This is a bit spicy.

I will set the reward of credits that each gang receives per week. A win or a loss is irrelevant (mostly). In the first week, the reward to all gangs might be 60 credits. In the second week, 100 credits, etc.

I won’t change the reputation rules so you will still want to win if you want to hire more hangers on etc.

I will also fix the amount of experience that each gang will receive for their fighters. I will assign a ‘package’ of experience points that the player can spend as they want but they won’t be able to assign all points onto one ganger. For example, In the first week, you might be able to give one fighter 3 xp, another 2 fighters 2xp each and then another 3 fighters 1 xp each.

After all games have been played, I will tally up who received the most points in their weekly battle. The top scorers will receive bonuses to their credits and xp allocations of around 10-20%. This should incentivise winning.

Tactics Cards

The usual bans of history of violence and dangerous footing. However I will also ban any cards that allow you to add fighters to your gang for free. I.e. ‘call the faithful’, unexpected aid (Van Saar) or the new Escher one. These seem broken – imagine starting a game of chess with an extra bishop?

I might also tweak other cards on a case by case basis.

Winning the Campaign

Most game wins at the end of the campaign is the winner!


Let me know your thoughts. The obvious is that it feels like a very ‘vanilla’ and ‘tame’ version of Necromunda. Your game wins or losses don’t mean much for your gang’s development.

On the other hand, it will avoid all the feels bads of being crushed by gangs with much higher ratings. Also, the feels bads of not earning enough rewards each week to properly experience your gang’s natural development cycle.

Edit: please delete this thread mods, I will post in the necromunda scenarios subforum.
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