N18 Necromunda Armageddon

Heart of Storm

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Mar 8, 2019
So, over the past few days an idea has been coming together in my head, and I figured thr best place to post to talk about it was here.

In essence, in 40k fluff, during the second Armageddon War, Commissar Yarrick made use of the underhive gangers of Hades hive in his battles against the Orks and was impressed by their effectiveness. In particular he used them to hunt out infiltrating Ork Kommandos trying to sabotage the defences from within.

This has struck me as a cool basis for a Necromunda campaign for a small group, or even as a coop narrative campaign with gangs fighting against Ork "gangs"

The obvious challenge is Necromunda house gangs narrative is unique to the planet itself, though there's nothing to say Hades hive doesn't have its own subcultures which could be strikingly similar to 'munda gangs, or i could make a generic "ganger list"...

Orks strike me as being quite easy to base off the Goliath rules, with some mild Orkification, maybe dream up some rules for power claws, kustom mega blastas and the like.

As for the campaign, I'm in two minds about either limiting the access to military grade weapons (lascannon, melta guns, plasma etc) as they're "needed for the war effort" or making these available as the campaign progresses to represent the imperial armouries being made available to gangs as they prove themselves.

Anyways, lots of thoughts, and I'm some way off actually doing this as the only Orks I own are the ones that come with Space Crusade..

Has anyone else had experience of running an "off-setting" campaign like this? Any thoughts on the concept and how it could work?

Kiro The Avenger

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Apr 4, 2018
Bristol, UK
I think it's a really cool idea for a campaign.
You could set campaign on Armageddon, with the gang's representing equivalent gangs on Armageddon.
Or you could set on Necromunda, as an alternate canon where Orks are invading. I believe it's been hinted at there's an Ork clan living out of a derelict hive near Primus? Permits that's grown large and is attacking.
Or you could do the same concept with another enemy. Perhaps a rival hive has fallen to Chaos or Genestealers and is launching a full-scale civil war?

I really like the idea of limited weaponary to fund the war effort. Perhaps just increase the value/rarity of such guns, or even make them Illegal?
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Oct 10, 2020
I was thinking about creating an Ork Gang, using the Goliath rules too. Semester to fit very well!

For a scenario it could be fun to play the Orks as NPCs and have them randomly come on the board.
I had a similar Mordheim round, one higher mission, and NPCs crossing in groups of one or two. We were three players, had a lot of kills, less interaction with each other and so much fun.
At the end we where the hunted ones. Higher mission was to kill a mad wizard and set his poor victim Free.
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Apr 4, 2017
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Escape from New Ork? Some planetary dignitary crashed into the ork hive and needs to be rescued. This would make the gangs the attacker and the Orks the defenders/NPCs. Maybe the dignitary is high up in an underhive House? Need something for gangs to be involved instead of PDF. Maybe get the dignitary before the PDF rescue them or the Orks find them.

Heart of Storm

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Mar 8, 2019
Are you using NCE or Neomunda as the basis?

Just wondering because Shadow Wars is basically NCE and had Orks and generic Ganger stats.

Excellent idea for a campaign!

Id be using Newcromunda as the basis, but if the shadow war rules are around it couldn't hurt to take a sneaky peak...