Necromunda Ash Wastes Project

I completed today the whole Merc squad. Even added names to the bases (or rather numbers!) and breathed life onto them in form of tufts.


V stands for Volcano: Name of Merc Company.
O stands for Officer
S stands for Specialist
P stands for Private
Numbers were rolled randomly with two D10s (LOL!).
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Today the Ash Wastes will be populated with a healthy amount of proper wasteland critters. Thus I won´t be needing any WHFB models anymore.

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So I have finally uploaded my first Gaslands battle report. Although I didn´t have time to name the pics as I am pretty busy to paint my remaining 40K Iron Hands SM. Anyway lets get into it:

Gaslands: Test-Drive
Type of Scenario: Race from start to finish
# of vehicles: Three
$ of vehicles: 30 cans
Environment: Desert (rough surface, automatically adds one hazard token at the end of activation)

2013 Ford Mustang Boss 302 (Red)
Middleweight Car
Affiliation: Miyazaki
Gear & Skills: 2x Minigun, Handbrake Artist, Expertise and Moment of Glory.

Batmobile (Black)
Middleweight Car
Affiliation: Maxxine
Gear & Skills: Armour Plating, Oil Slick Dropper, Glue Dropper, Smoke Dropper. Delicate Touch, Rear Drive & Unnerving Eye Contact.

Rosewood (Yellow)
Middleweight Car
Affiliation: Slime
Gear & Skills: Two extra crew members, three Magnum handguns and Drive Angry.

Start & Finish Line: Represented by opposing red barrels
Gates: Represented by two opposing small scatter terrain tiles with a big stone
Mountains & Stones: Hard terrain
Cacti: Destructible terrain
Game Over: As soon as the first car reaches the Finish line.

I read the rules two times before playing this test game in order to learn the rules. Grievous rule mistakes have been avoided but I forgot often to shoot the default handguns which come for free because I still haven´t built the cars in proper postapocalyptic fashion. Also the Magnum handguns and the twin Miniguns have only been used ONCE in the whole game. It wasn´t an issue for the Miniguns as the Ford Mustang was the lead car for most of the game but the Rosewood was clearly at an disadvantage.

Another issue in the game was the following aspects which made the game for the Rosewood pretty bad: The Rosewood gained TWO hazard tokens per activation due to it´s skill Drive Angry & rough surface conditions of the desert. In addition the Unnerving Eye Contact from the Batmobile made sure that the Rosewood had difficulties of getting rid of it´s hazard tokens which made safe driving impossible. Well, that´s what test games are for! LOL!