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Malo submitted a new resource:

Community Edition Rulebook - Necromunda community rulebook

Widely regarded as the most popular version of Necromunda, this version was original written and edited by Anthony Case of Specialist Games. It is an update to the Living Rulebook released by Games Workshop in an effort to fix a lot of the broken rules as well as re-word the ambiguity as well. This resulted in a clearer set of rules to let Necromunda gamers get back to gaming instead of arguing about interpretation.

In addition to a lot of clarifying of rules, there were many additions...

Read more about this resource...
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I'm having troubles with this resource, could you verify if the problem is only on my end, @Malo. Opening it in the pdf reader on my laptop (win7) gives this result:


Opening it in Chrome is more succesful, but I am missing some pages (all pages between skills and The Raid), and some of the images are garbled.



Downloading it off Anthony's site is no problem.



I'm also having similar problems with Outlanders and Tales from the Underhive.
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I'm really not sure. I've had reports before on Yakromunda of the PDF being corrupt or not complete but I've never been able to duplicate the issue.

  • I've tried downloading it from IE, Chrome and Firefox
  • Can open it from desktop using Reader 10 & 11
  • Can open it in browser tab directly in Chrome
  • Host is ruled out (using completely different host now)
All without any issue. I can try replacing the file with Anthony's version just in case (pun?) because I just can't replicate the problem sorry. The only other possibility is some firewall or AV software on your end causing an issue.
I've posted an "update". See if it works?

If not, try reassigning the resource to yourself then post an update with your own file (label it version 7.13.2) then try downloading it from YakTribe and see if it helps.
I tried opening one of the other files I had issues with in Adobe Acrobat XI, re-saving it using Adobe pdf optimized (standard settings). This works. Will be going through some of the files to check for errors.

That also shrunk it quite a bit, which I guess is an added bonus.

Edit: Did this to 4 of the resources from the Battles in the Underhive articles.
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Newb question: Why is the Chainsword still Strength 4? Wouldn't it make more sense if it followed the other melee weapons and became User+1 Strength? The Power Maul makes sense to keep at a fixed S since it's a non-lethal weapon, but the Chainsword?
I think it's more because the sword tears through things with its teeth rather than relying on the users strength to hurt things. If you've ever used a chainsaw you'll know you should let the motor run at its own pace, forcing it just slows the thing down and makes it take longer to do its work. The chainsword teeth cut at a set rate so it doesn't really matter how hard you hit with it, it's the teeth that do the work. But it's also got a higher than normal armour modifier. To have the modifier it has it would have to be S5, so it's better than it should be really.
@cardyfreak is exactly right. Both the chainsword and power weapons rely on machine strength rather than organic. They are closer to a gun in how they work than to a sword or club.
I'd like to submit a house rule for the NCE... The best house rule ever. This NEEDS to be in the official rules of the game as it is such an improvement over the ORB. I've used this rule almost since day 1 of playing Necromunda with no looking back. I would NEVER play a game of Necromunda without this house rule and by that measure I think it should be adopted by the community as a standard.

This is all in regards to Ammo Rolls: Pg. 21

When you rolling to hit you should always roll two dice visually distinct from one another. I, personally, roll a red and white Necromunda game die... One die is to Roll to hit(RtH) and the other is the Ammo Roll Test(ART) die. The white die is used to see if a hit is made... BS 3 = 4+ to hit w/ no modifiers... That's the white die. It's outcome plays no effect in having to perform a "Ammo roll".

The second, red, die is the ammo die. If that die rolls a 6 then you have to perform a ammo test as in the rule book. It's that simple.

We've separated hitting and ammo testing without changing the odds of a Ammo roll occurring.

The main problem is you shouldn't be able to rely or predict when you are going to get an ammo roll. If you have a BS of 3 with a -2 modifier, you'll need a 6+ to hit. Your character has a Boltgun... Now you think to yourself... I could shoot, but if I hit I will have to make a ammo roll and I'll likely jam as my gun has a 6+ ammo roll. Nah, I'll wait. Think about auto failing grenades in the same situation... Once again being able to predict when a Ammo roll will occur and basing decisions on it is nonsensical IRL and in the game as well.

With this alternate rule a Ammo roll can occur at any time regardless of the hit. You can miss and have to take an ammo roll! This makes sense and better reflects reality. You don't only run out of ammo or jam after successfully hitting a player. An ammo roll can happen at any time as they are random events.

FYI, you can also roll different sized dice as opposed to different colors. As long as they are visually distinct and it is understood beforehand which die is the ammo die and which die is the "to hit" die. Another alternative is that you could roll twice... The first roll is the RtH and the second roll is the ART. Having two dice means you get the results via one roll and helps keep things faster.

Here is the before and after text from the current NCE rulebook. 2nd paragraph of the "Ammo Test" section.

"When rolling to hit a target a dice score of 6 indicates that your weapon may have malfunctioned after firing and an Ammo roll is required. Note you still hit your target with the roll of a 6 and the successful shot is worked out as normal."

"When rolling to hit a target two dice are rolled that are visually distinct from one another. A red die and a white die for example. Before rolling one die is designated as the Ammo Test die. The other is the "to hit" die. These designations are typically kept consistent for the remainder of the game. A dice score of 6 on the "Ammo Test" die indicates that your weapon may have malfunctioned after firing and an Ammo roll is required. Note your other die still may or may not hit your target with the required roll to hit. The shot is worked out as normal."
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I'd like to submit a house rule for the NCE...

Welcome to the site @Gangrene! You should check out this thread here which is where all the developmental discussions for the NCE occur. The secondary Ammo Roll dice is discussed there, but more so why on a single die an Ammo Roll is required on the 6 rather than a 1. For the most part it is recognized that a second dice of some alternate colour is a good way to work out Ammo Rolls (I am 100% in agreement with you and also choose that method over the single dice), but it is more or less left up to the player. I think the best way would be to offer the suggestion directly in the rules, as it doesn't take up that much room/ muck with format, but is not really a change and therefore nobody could get mad.

... @Anthony
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One post about all of the changes across 14 pages. Seems like a messy way to handle it. Why not a separate post for each change suggestion?

General discussion occurs in that thread. If a topic warrants enough discussion it schisms into its own thread within the Rules & Mechanics section. So often cases in the dedicated thread you get "Uhh, hey, there's a type-o on page 44" or proposed wording changes, but in addition you also get ideas being pitched such as Massive Weapons needing work. Discussion is then diverted to a new thread, and when general agreement occurs on the topic or the discussion seems to slow down, the end result is fed back into the NCE Development thread, where a change is either deemed applicable for insertion or further discussion is sparked.

In regards to having the section more micro-managed in order to be more organized... call it lack of payroll. The site is a labour of love, but the staff are spread thin over a lot of sections, and they are usually busy with jobs and families (@nooker's daughter was at one time the Dune Messiah of the Minnesota zoo, Lord only knows how much time that requires of him...). I would recommend putting together a selection of threads revising the information spread across the whole Rules & Mechanics section regarding proposed changes to the NCE, then approach @Malo about sub-sectioning the R & M portion into official discussions (NCE and OCE), current discussion topics (the revised threads with a separate thread for each change suggestion), and then all other topics. It would absolutely be an improvement, but it is a good chunk of work.
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