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Actually I forgot that leader only weapons no longer become common after first game. They actually get removed from the HWL after the first game... which maybe another thing that needs work.

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Unless I just misread it once upon a time.

It's one of those anachronisms that crops up in the Necromunda - and wider 40k - lore. Lasguns are second only to hydrogen and hands to hold them in the 40k universe. They have been around for millennea, they are supremely reliable, easy to reload/recharge, and available in their countless billions across all walks of society... yet Orlocks prefer "reliable" autoguns and boltguns, and the people with limited access to kit inexplicably find it easier to scratch build kinetic weapons and blend gunpowder than plug a lasgun power pack pack into a pilfered power source. We, today, think "they shouldn't have high-tech stuff", forgetting that in 40K a lasgun isn't in any way "high-tech".

Personally I think they should just have regular access to them, but I don't play ratskins. My argument - beyond the tongue-in-cheek one above - would simply be that the original metals had them as standard ganger models - and three seperate sculpts of them at that - rather than the unusal one-offs like the Orlock power fist or Delaque axe wielding maniac.

Common tech yes. But tech made buy the uphiver containing bad JuJu.
So peaceful ratskin tribes probably wouldn't use them. So having unlimited access at creation is maybe a bit odd.

But once you go renegade. Killing the uphiver with weapons of their own making. Is probably quite gratifying and they will have no qualms about getting some in.

That's my take anyway. But then lovely lasgun wielding sculpts do a good job of swaying me the other way.
Issue no.1:
Exploding weapons: Clarification on whether a weapon that has exploded is struck from the gang roster. It might seem like an obvious "yeah, duh", but I've had an Autocannon explode and naturally wanted to keep it on my roster whilst my opponent naturally wanted me to lose it! (Realistically, most damaged weapons can be repaired, especially bigger ones)
Is the potential harm to the user for the explosion enough of a funny little unluckly quirk for this rule, or do we want to specify that yes, your 300 credit Lascannon is gone?

Issue no.2:
Possible bit of housekeeping for next time. It's more confusing layout than anything else.

Page 23 (PDF page 24) of NCE. There's a heading "Wounds, Armour & Injuries" that only really exists to say that once you've worked out the number of hits, the rest of the process is the same as for shooting and you should refer back to the shooting system... which isn't true, as everything written after that attests to. And indeed the Hits heading on page 24 essentially reiterates the same thing, but in a more sensible place.

It's a bit confusing that it gets to a point of saying essentially "go back to the shooting section to work out the rest"... and then explains all the ways in which this is not the same as what's described in the shooting section. At this point we're nearly all very familar with it, but it confused my wife :LOL:

I think it could be amalgamated with the Hits bit on page 24, depending if we're still rigorously sticking to the "we must keep all things on the same pages always!" doctrine that I never really understood.
Exploding weapons: Clarification on whether a weapon that has exploded is struck from the gang roster. It might seem like an obvious "yeah, duh"
Never even considered the idea that exploding weapons are destroyed. While the rule is called exploding weapon. It represents overheating, plasma leakage, power cells leaking or exploding, rounds cooking off on belt or in magazine. As well as the weapon itself doing kablam.

Considering the idea that ammo is often home made cells are charged in an ad-hoc way. Weapons are often old with previous owners. Fixing up weapons that malfunctioned in a big way would be par for the course for most underhve gunsmiths. And part of the regular cost of maintaining a gang.

So have other people been writing off exploding weapons then?
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So have other people been writing off exploding weapons then?

It's not exactly something that happens very often - I find a lot of people get caugt up in "aww I failed my ammo roll" and forgot to roll for exploding. I always just let it slide that it'd be fixed afterwards, but I've played at least two people who were adamant it was destroyed (oddly when it was things like my pecious Autocannon, not so insistent when it was a stub gun, strange that :unsure:). I can sort of understand their viewpoint. It says "the weapon has exploded" and that sounds kinda final! And even in ORB it wasn't specified what that meant.
It's been a while since I played, but I don't think it ever even occurred to me that explosion might mean permanent loss of the weapon. I always assumed repair was simply part of general weapon maintenance.
Yep, @Lyndon is right, it does say they are fixed after the battle on page 99. Just a note or pointer needed perhaps. Interestingly that's an entirely community note (red text). It seems neither ORB or LRB had clarification on it. I wonder if the version we were playing at the time didn't have it yet - I admit before posting the question I only checked the exploding weapons rule in the shooting section, I didn't check the post battle section!
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Well, guys, from a strict gunsmithing point of view, any weapon that explodes is (99% of the time) destroyed and rendered useless - while potentially maiming/killing the user and possible by-passers. The most inoffensive version is the barrel "bubble", which will transform a gun in a paperweight or a wall ornament.

Any barrel is proofed to a certain pressure. If the barrel explodes, it is either by inner failing (a crack, a defect in forging, etc) or by excessive pressure applied to the weapon. The explosion is changing the mechanical properties of the steel, the material plastic transformation threshold is overcome, you cannot go back, the inner structure of the steel fibers has been alterated, you cannot simply weld it, it needs to be scrapped and go back to the furnace for a new forging, a new heat treatment, and so on.

Knowing this, I have always considered that a weapon that has exploded have been destroyed in the process. But I reckon that it should have been clearly written in the rulebook, even if it seems obvious.
But you could replace the barrel with a new barrel?
Hello Tiny,

Yes, if the design allows it, and if a spare barrel is available, and if a gunsmith is around to do it.

Given the mechanical constraints, I don't know many weapons that have an easily replaceable barrel. It is usually mounted tight (ie not removable) in the frame or with the breech.

And we are not talking here about an "exploded barrel", but an "exploded weapon", which means the whole device has exploded.

If your car has an exploded engine, you could change the engine (with the aforementioned limitations), but if your whole car has exploded, what could you do but scrap the smoky wreck and find a new car ?
See, I feel that the description in the game doesn't match the title. The weapon, going by the description, has not exploded, it has seriously malfunctioned. (Albeit dangerously so). Pierric is right that a weapon that's exploded sounds pretty final - and this is what I've heard people argue before (possibly before clarification was added in the post game sequence).

I also don't think it should be the weapon has been destroyed completely, so perhaps the root of the issue is that the rule has the wrong title - it should be Serious Malfunctions not Exploding Weapons?

(Interestingly @Pierric a friend of mine when I lived in Elgin was/is an RAF Armourer and it was him who said there wasn't much you could break on a gun that they couldn't fix - including things like burst barrels and what he called "ballooned receivers").
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I was thinking that earlier, but replacing 'explodes' with 'dangerously malfunctioned' or similar would be wordy. It doesn't exactly roll off the tongue.

Maybe the solution is to keep the term explodes but add a line into the rules for exploding weapons to say it's a bit of a misnomer and actually covers a range of malfunctions.
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The exploding weapon rule already does mention that it represents a wide range of mishaps.
"This represents the weapon over heating, plasma leakage or a magazine exploding as the next shell is auto loaded".
So not necessarily going to write off the weapon.

Also heavies aren't allowed to work territory because among other things they are.
"Repairing the gang's other weaponry".

You think they would mention it if it was supposed to be struck from the roster.

And as I was writing I suddenly remembered this

An FAQ from WD 193 Answered by Andy Chambers and Jervis Johnson. Covering the ORB ruleset. Where this question is asked and answered with. The weapon is repaired.
That's intentional. There are some art/fluff pages cut out, but the original pagination is preserved so if someone refers to the rule on p. 68 (or whatever) it still corresponds to the original.
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