NCE Necromunda Community Edition

What @Ben_S said. It’s just pages that were removed from the original and leaving therm as they are saves me having to go through and change all the page numbers and references throughout the document and any other documents that may reference the rulebook.
Can't believe the opportunity to change "Mak McMadd" on page 8 to "Yak McMadd" hasn't been taken! :LOL: Damn the alliteration!
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Just a curious, very lazy questions: Are there any larger, structural divergences between '95 Munda and NCE? (Turn order or similar scope)
Or is it "only" bugfixes & groomings ?
No. The aim was to fix bugs. A few things arguably go a bit further - some new weapons, for instance - but it's only tweaks to the original, not a new game.

Edit: See the original post in this thread (I should have quoted that to begin with).
To be honest the biggest differences are practical for playing old Necromunda in the modern day - all template weapons use the standard templates rather than the hand flamer template for instance, and rapid fire works differently and no longer uses rapid fire/ammo dice, because at that time NCE was created they were no longer easily available.

Beyond that switching back and forth between the two if you wanted to is super easy.
Hit and run scenario should allow bottling for the defender, maybe at 50 or 75% or something, otherwise they trickle in and can get battered without escaping.

Suggest Spyrers move to starting with 15+d3 exp rather than 10+d3. This is based of this weekends games where they start slightly below par with house gangs, but grow too quickly that after 3 games they have a noticeable advantage until house gangs (with average luck) can reel them in again about game 8.

Hunters scenario in the outlanders book needs looking at as well, although not sure exact fix. Basically after the shoot out, its a straight dice off for first turn. If the 'prey' gang gets it, the 'hunters' get lit up like a xmas tree by the entire ambushing gang before they can get the rest of their gang on the board and start to react to being surrounded. Maybe say that the attackers get the first turn automatically, meaning the defenders can use the build up before the shoot up to position to minimise the first strike the attackers can do when they come on (which is still fro ma random edge)
I believe you may have the hunters scenario on its head. The attackers are supposed to be lit up like a Christmas tree, because they're the ones being hunted. The model(s) they're facing are bait.

If they get the first turn they need to react/scatter/take cover. If they don't get the first turn, the trap is successful and carnage ensues.

Is it perhaps the attackers/defender roles are the wrong way round? Attackers should be the hunters, as they're likely the one with the lowest rating?
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because they're the ones being hunted
Not the way the scenario is worded. I agree its how it plays out, but not how its worded in the description.

Might work well as a scenario if the aim is a bait and switch type game and swap it so the person choosing the scenario (usually the lower gang rating) actually has an advantage
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I agree it's poorly worded to imply the attackers are the hunters. It might even be intentional - It's a classic "the hunter becomes the hunted" scenario and you don't realise that until you've set up/hit first turn... Which might even be the point!
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I like Hunters it as it is. The attackers get to choose how many people they have in the middle. They can put their entire gang in and hammer the bait fighters if they want to gamble on winning the roll off for first turn. Alternatively they send a few disposable fighters to spring the trap and then take them out with reinforcements. It's not one you're particularly likely to choose very often as it has little by way of reward, but it's instead one of the scenarios that are automatically allocated on the scenario table.

The other two changes are very sensible IMO. Definitely need a way to escape a Hit and Run and Spyrers are a bit quick out of the gate, particularly after winning a few Hit and Runs.
Spafe raises a point that I have wondered about a few times. It seems that the underdog (likely generating or choosing the scenario) in NCE has the hard job in most scenarios - being the attacker, more restrictive gang selection etc.

I'm not suggesting it needs fixed or changed, but it struck me as odd last time as well. It may have always been the case, we used to always dice off to decide who was the attacker or defender so I didn't notice previously.
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Something that's struck me as odd when considering my gang for this year was that all the gangs seem to have a good level of representation, with the exception of the Enforcers.

I understand they're not covered in outlanders nor the original book and may have been some kind of expansion by themselves but wondered if adding them into the Community Editions one way or another was worth considering?
It would be fun to see 'The Police' at a YakMeet I feel
It would be fun to see 'The Police' at a YakMeet I feel
@Franco had his Enforcers there, though they were proxied in for Van Saar. Would be cool if there was a set of “NCE Approved” rules for them as they have a commonly available kit now.
I know there’s most likely stuff in The Vault but I’m not sure what is considered Good/Bad/Experimental there.
Any addition doesn’t have to be in the main Rulebook, in fact Outlanders would be a better fit for any non-house Gang.

As the NCE and OCE seem designed to fit into the space provided any such additions would have to be in an appendix at the end I guess. At least it’d be “event approved” then.
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I properly messed up there - clearly didn't read the the tribe meet guidance properly and prepared a load of models without rules! 😂 If there were any proper NCE rules, that would be great! The patrol will have grown by next meet and will also be mobilised for venturing into the Ash Wastes...
NCE "official" Enforcers and Nomads are certainly something I'd like to add to the OCE book. I'll pop them on the list and hopefully get round to them this year.

Spafe raises a point that I have wondered about a few times. It seems that the underdog (likely generating or choosing the scenario) in NCE has the hard job in most scenarios - being the attacker, more restrictive gang selection etc.

Most of the scenarios should slightly favour the attacker. Unfortunately over the years due to "balance concerns" (aka, "boo hoo, my gang got wasted, this needs changing") they've been amended , which sometimes leaves the higher gang rating player at a minor advantage (due to having better stuff / people). I'll have a look at them, particularly the ones which only allow a few fighters.
Had more than one person comment over the weekend that Pit Slave weapons should be S User or S+1 etc. as currently S increases on Pit Slaves are about as much use as a BS increase on a plague zombie. Anyone got any thoughts on this? We've already got chainswords on the list to become S+1 instead of S4. Should Pit Slave weapons go the same way?