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Necromunda Compilations I & II - both now online and downloadable!!

Discussion in 'Rules, Mechanics & Skills' started by ArbitorIan, May 8, 2013.

  1. Bauglir

    Bauglir New Member

    Big thank you for making the both compiliations.
    Already downloaded Comp. 1, and trying to download Comp. 2. However with less succes.

  2. Malo

    Malo YakTribe Mechanicum
    Staff Member Yak Founder

    @ArbitorIan do you want to look at including your amazing compilations in the Vault here on the new site? You get full update control, dedicated discussion thread (can link to this one), ratings etc.
  3. Mymearan

    Mymearan Ganger

    Are there any plans for an update? I can also see there is some stuff missing, like the Chaos Gate campaign. Any reason for this, and what material should one download to get a "complete" package?
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  4. Shadowbadger

    Shadowbadger Gang Hero
    Yak Supporter

    Awesome, thanks.

    Was a real pain with so many articles.
  5. Ale_bocs

    Ale_bocs New Member

    Links seem to not Work anymore. Could you check them? I would love to download the material. Thanks
  6. Malo

    Malo YakTribe Mechanicum
    Staff Member Yak Founder


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