Necromunda in Australia?

*the Captain sacrifices a 5kg gummy rat, by way of decaptation, to Betsy the Great White Yak*

Always good to see cool Yaks, no matter how long they’ve been away!
It’s always exciting hearing about battles being fought the other side of the Hive too! Great stuff!
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Sorry that I am in remote WA so I can totally sympathise with your plight. I have an entire 6 metre by 6 metre shed chock full of minis and terrain and struggle to find other gamers. I have recently insinuated myself into a gaming group and a couple of them are interested in trying Necromunda so after years of little gaming I might be onto a good thing. I trust that you found enough players back in 2018 and that you are now well versed in the game now. If you ever heading through Esperance I would love a game.
Hey I’m in Newcastle, looking to play some games. Haven’t played any games yet but have a few gangs that iv painted up.
I am in Esperance (home of Oz's only pirate - Black Jack Anderson) in the Great Southern. Well technically he was on Middle Island but he prayed on Esperance shipping.
Hey guys,

I know this is a bit of an old thread but do you guys still play Necromunda in Adelaide or know of anyone who does? I'm in the process of building my first Necromunda gang and I would love to have someone to play against when they are painted.

Hey, I'm in Adelaide also and jus trying to get into playing necromunda a bit. I'm pretty much a newb but just finishing my GSC force. If anyone keen to play it lets have a game
SBF and I did get some games in yes, but unfortunately he has moved back interstate. I'm kind of on a Necromunda hiatus at the moment, I guess. My local group are excited by Old World, so that has taken over.
I'm in Adelaide and would be keen to get some Necromunda in (but am also deep in TOW at the moment)
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