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Necromunda Necromunda Official FAQ - December 2019 2

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Sorry to post a potentially dumb question.

A friend has read this rule (below) and thinks only a single basic action can be used per activation. So you can either aim then have to wait until the next activation to shoot.

My understanding was you could only use a basic action once per turn but you could use different basic actions such as aim and shoot in the same activation.

Is there anywhere that proves one over the other?

The most common type of action a fighter may perform.
A Basic action can only be performed once per fighter
activation. If an activated fighter’s first action is a Basic
action, they may fully resolve it before declaring their
second action should they wish.
That's probably the least dumb question I've heard regarding the N18/19 rules. I only understood it just now, after reading several forum posts here, as the rules (even the community compilation) are worded ambigously. The passage should read "The same Basic action can only be performed...", meaning you can take an Aim (Basic) action and a Shoot (Basic) action, but not a Shoot (Basic) action and a Shoot (Basic) action.