Necromunda Slipcase Edition 2018


Aug 7, 2012
Sydney, Oz
Necromunda remains a niche game that appeals to the subset of people who potentially also got into SW:A and possibly who are currently playing Kill Team.

Buying into custom style gangs vs using pre-existing 40k stuff for Kill Team or SW:A is perhaps less appealing for the average gamer? Thus KT is more likely to be able to get pick up games outside a dedicated gaming group/ at the LGS? Also, the existing Necromunda fans perhaps didn't like the huge changes made to the system...

Then factor in that people who supported Necro from the beginning (those reckless early adopters/ beta testers perhaps with the glint of nostalgia in their eye) are maybe still annoyed at the premium they paid to participate in an unannounced Beta? And maybe waiting on reviews first before buying another potentially poorly edited and shoddily reworked package of rules. Add in that it is "online exclusive" to GWS and thus no 10-20% discount and you are suddenly valuing that Cardboard box at a premium...

Heck, I almost bit due to the Box... I'm a sucker for shiny stuff :p ... but Exclusive (read non-discounts) in reality makes the same price an illusion. I cannot stomach paying inflated foreign prices for GWS without any LGS discounts to help ease my gaming budget conscience. And once that killed the "Oooh Shiny" moment I remembered that I was waiting on reviews to see if it is as big a waste of paper as the first few books I collected of the N17 stuff...


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Oct 12, 2015
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It's cool that it didn't run out obscenely fast like Shadow Wars' box set.
Cool? Make it worrying (from GW's point of view)
A limited edition sold at the same price (or less in some countries) as the non-limited edition with the only limitation that you have to pay MSRP (including inflated foreign prices) and can't get it in a non-english language, they make only 1200 of those and they don't sell out on pre-order day 1?
Yep, if I were them, I would be worried.

I'm a "no", obviously, for 2 reasons:
  1. that would make me pay about double the price compared to buying the books from my usual dealer thanks to the aforementioned foreign prices and lack of 15% discount
  2. I'm not gonna purchase those books before I get a chance to review them


Aug 7, 2012
Sydney, Oz
I am a "no" :p

I suppose I made the realisation that the game's relaunch has stalled so hard that I am not even familiar with the rules at all... and that, if I'm launching a local community for a game system off the back of my own sweat and tears then NCE works just as well, and as others have said elsewhere it ties back into 2nd Ed, GorkaMorka and SW:A.

At this point I remain unconvinced that N17 is worth playing... I will investigate further through the new compendiums if they get good reviews. And otherwise, tell people locally to collect the shiny new models if they interest them, and with a little 'counts as' play some NCE.


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Mar 1, 2017
To be fair I'm a yes but already worried I'm a mug/ concerned category. I know much of my group is waiting for review commments or simply not bothered by slipcase. But someone had to buy to review no? Already bought into this game too much just want to have what I hope is a complete self contained system.

I agree with many of Thorgor's points but also having a digital version cheaper than GW hardback/ on par with Indy retailers seems the way to go to some of my friends who've got used to a digitally searchable rulebook as the only way to go. Whilst I always prefer physical media for in game lookups it has been invaluable up till now.


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Jun 1, 2016
Ellon, United Kingdom
Also a "no". I have spent too much money on N17 already without paying more to replace items less than a year old - if the compilation is good and genunely sorts many of the issues (to be fair it looks promising so far) - then I will get it at a considerable discount in its standard version from another retailer. That "wow, it's the same price as the standard edition!" argument only works if you're excluding non-GW sources - in the real world it's 20-25% more expensive than the standard editions for nothing more than a grey cardboard box.