Necromunda Slipcase Edition 2018

Discussion in 'Tabletop Games' started by Kitcar, Dec 4, 2018.

  1. almic85

    almic85 Gang Hero

    I am Spartacus... wait wrong forum.

    I got the fancy cover ordered via my LGS.

    Too bad he doesn’t do discounts on books and cards (only boxes and blisters), but he sure does have a lot of gaming tables and scenery.
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  2. Kitcar

    Kitcar Gang Hero

    Does @chitching deliver to the USA? If so, dang.
  3. Punktaku

    Punktaku Un-Dis-Honored
    Honored Tribesman

    No. I complained too. ah well
  4. Galtarr

    Galtarr Ganger

    My LGS hasn't even added the rulebooks yet let alone the slipcase one. Unfortunately, their website stock levels imply they have several GW1-4 still to shift
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  5. Kitcar

    Kitcar Gang Hero

    @Punktaku Intersting line of thought you prompted. I don't consider myself a shill although if they paid me well.... :) , I order the collector's items direct often now as second party items, or aged items, are often damaged in one way or another (dinged corner, missing shipping box). One fellow, 7th edition orks set was well wrapped in cardboard and lots of tape. Difficult to even open, like he was keeping someone out. But he left no collapse voids to protect it from a hit. Corner hit went through the packaging and crushed the corner of the case, and a slight bend to the corner of a book.
  6. Malo

    Malo YakTribe Mechanicum
    Staff Member Yak Founder

    I thought the slipcase version was exclusive to GW online?
  7. SumpRat

    SumpRat Gang Champion

    I got one too (so 6?)

    Running the local campaign, felt it was needed so may as well get the snazzy one.

    GW got rid of the writing credits cause of the abuse Matt Ward was getting. I can forgive them for that one, even today the guy gets abuse of people who weren’t even playing the game then.

    But I picked it up, looking forwards to seeing the changes on Saturday.
  8. cronevald

    cronevald Ganger

    Ah yes, fan entitlement and the internet. If that's the case it's sad. I'll still miss the credits page but I can understand the reasoning.
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  9. Kitcar

    Kitcar Gang Hero

    5 or 6. Count it 6 to account for those not having read the thread.
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  10. Kitcar

    Kitcar Gang Hero

    What would be bad is a change in the main editor close to publication.
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  11. Thorgor

    Thorgor Of The YAQ

    Yeah, the Emprah forbid that authors may be held accountable for what they write...
    Not saying that any kind of abuse or personal attack is ok though. But cutting the credits entirely and over-moderating the facebook group or whatever is a bit of an overreaction. When properly moderated, I'm sure the internet is able to provide critical yet constructive feedback.
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  12. MusingWarboss

    MusingWarboss Gang Hero

    Some LGS will order the Online Only stuff in for you. Usually 0% discount though, so you may as well order it yourself and have it posted to your home.
  13. Kitcar

    Kitcar Gang Hero

    LGS -brick and mortar? It's a shame. The only products that hold their value seems to be collector's items, and that's because the sellers are stubborn and not hungry. My purchasing has really dropped off lately so I don't feel bad buying direct.

    I need a swap meet. :)
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  14. chitching

    chitching Gang Hero
    Yak Comp 1st Place Yak Supporter

    Afraid not, my dude. It would ramp the cost right up for you making it not worth it.

    Slipcase is GW online exclusive. If you do get it from your LGS, let me know how they got hold of it, because that would be handy for me to know ;)
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  15. chitching

    chitching Gang Hero
    Yak Comp 1st Place Yak Supporter

    You're an angel :) And yeah, who wants a sleeve? You're looking at the inside of the book more than the outside :)
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  16. Kitcar

    Kitcar Gang Hero

    I have been to brick and mortar stores that simply order online at your request. I don't know that it makes them any money, perhaps a modicum, but it increases their volume, which would lead to better wholesale prices for them I would hope.
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  17. almic85

    almic85 Gang Hero

    Not sure on the ins and outs of it but he can order in anything from their website including the online only stuff without any drama from GW.

    I’ll ask next time I see the owner in store.
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  18. chitching

    chitching Gang Hero
    Yak Comp 1st Place Yak Supporter

    GW doesn't offer volume discounts, it's a flat %. You could order 100 Delaque gangs or 1, and it'll be the same price per unit.
  19. MusingWarboss

    MusingWarboss Gang Hero

    This has been my experience in about three stores. They just go to GWs website and order it like anyone can do. But it kinda depends on who’s running the LGS as to what ‘deal’ they do with you. Generally you pay for the full priced product but if you’re a regular or just buy a lot of stuff they can drop a discount on then, they wave the P&P charges or perhaps can offset it alsewhere (like if a few people order online only stuff they do a beginning of month order so have enough to qualify for free P&P).

    It depends. Most of the online only stuff is GWs hook to reel people in.

    If there’s a decent N17 game campaign going on and you pay for tables etc. In the shop you might be able to get the LGS to stock a few items on the shelf like the leaders pack, or maybe a ForgeWorld upgrade sprue. But it’s genrally a goodwill gesture on the owners part and I’m sure they have figured out how to make a tiny bit of custom from it.

    I did hear of a an owner who went to WHW for a fun day out and picked up a few items there for his regulars. Not sure GW would like that though!! But it helped a few of his regulars out so obviously generated goodwill and probably more custom in the long run.
  20. Kitcar

    Kitcar Gang Hero

    Discounts I have experienced are in the form of "store points" that you can use when you accumulate enough to buy items. Not a discount per se.
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