[NECROMUNDA] Tau Gangers


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Oct 18, 2014
Anyone ever tried out the Tau Gangers yet?

I have a set of Firewarriors that I can use to play a gang for the Tau. I also downloaded the rulebook, never played Necromunda; I will be buying terrain, foamcore, and setting it all up at the local game store to play some games of Necromunda.

Any guys ever play 'em?
Another vote for sticking with the House gang rules but using your favourite Tau models.

If you do that, I also agree that Van Saar would be the best house to go with thematically.
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Pulse Rifle
Cot: 50 Credits
Short 0-15 Long 16-30 Short - Long - S 5 Save -2 Ammo 3+

Pulse Carbine
Cost: 50 Credits
Short 0-9 Long 10-18 Short +1 Long - S 5 Save -2 Ammo 3+

Drone Gun Platform
Cost: 120 Credits (Rare item, buy between fights.)
One Drone Gun Platform per Leader. Fly up costs the same as regular movement. Flying down costs ½" per 1". The Drone must land at end of move. Drone is not lost when controller is killed. The Gun Platform then returns to base. (Remove from board.) May not run, can hide. Arc of sight is 180°. Twin-linked Pulse Carbines. (Twin-linked: re-roll failed "to hit" rolls when shooting.) The Drone Gun Platform is destroyed when wounded. Counts as rapid moving target, so apply a -1 to hit when targeting a Gun Platform.

You could use these houserules for a Tau gang or just to give new weapons to an existing Necromunda gang. Like I did here: http://boardgamegeek.com/blogpost/16010/tau-auxiliaries
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