Necromunda: The Book of Guilders-Ford


Hive Guys
Feb 17, 2011
Necromunda has been popular at our club since it was first released, and we're lucky that all our campaigns over the past 10+ years have been set in the same location - Guilders-Ford.

This gives us a wealth of history; famous gangers, devious backstabbings and grudges held against specific houses by players based on incidents in a campaign they may not even have taken part in! All players know how firmly the enforcers of Precinct-19 deal with those who cross the line, and many have suffered the consequences of doing so, even if they didn't mean to throw that grenade at that crowd of civilians. In short, we absolutely love it. A lot of this has been recorded in our campaign newsletter, the Guilders-Ford Gazette, the editor keeps a very keen eye indeed on local goings on.

To that end we are working on our own 'Book Of Guilders-Ford' - to record all the history, locations and personalities that have arisen over the dozen or so campaigns that have taken place there. From the ill-fated Bayton Expedition, to the Great Fire, and even The Incident - if we can find any unredacted paperwork, of course.

We'll have our own house rules for Sump Boats, Hired Guns based on local legends, and of course our own special Hangers On and territories for everyones favourite fast food franchise, Hive Guys.

Here's a little taster, our Sump Pilot hanger on - an essential addition to any gang who plan to hire a boat at the East Gate Docks for a bit of scavenging.



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Apr 4, 2017
Connecticut, USA
I was just reading about Guilders-Ford somewhere! Either Instagram or Facebook…. They were talking about doing a slave ogre gang or something. (Hope that’s not a spoiler!)
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