N18 Necromunda: The Power Wars

Thats not a conversion?!?

It's the official Specialist Games Studio (a.k.a. Forgeworld) model for the House Escher Khimerix. You've probably never seen it, because most people hate it and convert one from or simply use other models.

But after checking for a lot of images and some alternate paint jobs online and watching the model rotate on the Forgeworld website a dozen times I realized that I liked most of the model, enough to give it a go at converting the original model. When it arrived and I took a closer look at the model and especially the pose I realized that I actually really like this model, so I did not convert it really.


Found some old bulkheads in my bits box that I never did anything with.

Used one for some kind of small photo backdrop, or secret little tunnel thing for Zone Mortalis board setups.


And another one to add a tower-like structure to one of the walkways of my underhive board.


Can't be bothered to get it all set up just to show you where this thing belongs, so I will use bad magic:


Aaah... There it is, see?

Now shut up, will you?

There's plants!
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"And it's been a whiiile..."

*End of bad Aaron Lewis-Impression*

I have not been idle, but had a lot of other stuff to do. My parents sold the house and moved to a rented flat with less stairs and such. My dad is 75 years old and has a bad shoulder so I went there basically every other day for the last couple weeks to help them sort and move things. I am currently looking for a new job so I had the time and they have supported me literally all my life so I guess now it is my turn to help them out with things.

On another note:
I bought a Soldiers of Fortune (Bane) crew for Knight Models' Batman Game because they had a massive sale in early February ... I actually bought two Bane crews: Venom Lucho Libre Bane from the Comics and Tom Hardy Bane from the Nolan movies, with a bunch of paramilitary Hired Guns and the Anne Hathaway Catwoman that can be allied with the Dark Knight Rises Bane crew).

I have now built and primed the Tom Hardy Bane crew with Catwoman and will try to get it painted while the hype lasts so I can work on other models again soon. I just want to have a playable crew ready so when the guys call to schedule introductory games I can focus on getting into the rules and mechanics and can show up with painted models. That leaves a handful of models to be painted for when I feel like trying out the Venom Overdrive Lucha Libre Bane crew for a change or should want to switch things up on the painting table.

Besides I have managed to paint a bunch of adversaries for the Inquisitor campaign I hope to get going later this year. Currently trying to get a bunch of models ready for a sort of prequel scenario allowing us to try out by which rules and game mechanics to go. Thinking of current Necromunda rules, but with a D6 or D10 table to determine how adversaries behave to try and cut a mandatory GM so all of us can actually play.

I will make up for all these words with pictures now, thank you for reading.

Here is the big bad for that first scenario, a Rogue Trader turned Chaos Pirate:



Then there is his right hand type guy, proud traitor of the Imperial Guard.


Then there is the rest.


Really fun models to paint!

And by far my favourite sculpt of the bunch. One scenario is supposed to be the summoning of daemons and, successful or not, this might affect some of the nearby cultists some... Rarely do I build and paint GW models as intended. What a cool model!


Also built and painted up some random characters.

Hive Scum that could either join the ranks of the Cultists or any player warband as needed.

Another Corpse Grinder Initiate with hand flamer made from leftover bits and modelling putty.


And I finally painted Grumpy McGuinness, ready to hunt down giant rats with his trusty stab-stick and pepper-pistol.
May or may not appear in the prequel scenario(s) for the Inquisitor campaign but can always be used as a slopper for my Necromunda Gangs.


Some quick and fun paintjobs to finally have these models ready for gaming. I quite like how they turned out.
Erm... guess none of us expected me to get distracted from the Batman stuff that quickly... but... you know...

As usually, phone cam is freaking out with all the pigments but oh well.



And some kind of impromptu ladder bridge walkway thingy. Will definitely come in handy at some point.

Well… hello there…

Again I have not been idle but my daily life has changed some and hobby time is scarce, in addition I don’t really feel like hobbying these days. Just tried to start an ambitious conversion and got bored after clipping off the first pokey bits. That‘ll change again for sure.

Good thing is, less hobby time correlates with me having started a new job in April. Feels pretty good to be working again.

Played some intro games for the Batman Miniature Game and had another friend over for some Warcry lately. And got out the Necromunda board to show him in person.

Here’s some 3x3 abandoned dome gaming board impressions for you:

And here’s the old bulkheads I added recently: