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Discussion in 'Yak Mechanicum' started by Malo, Sep 1, 2017.

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    With the new version of YakTribe, the Necromunda tools has also received a complete face lift. In fact the entire toolset has been almost completely re-written from scratch with modern PHP techniques, more efficient construction and far less overall code. It now runs on PHP 7 on lsphp so it's blazing fast.

    In addition, the database for the Necromunda tools has had an overhaul with a lot of relational changes, far more efficient queries and better indexing to provide a faster backend for users. It's amazing just how terrible I was at databases and queries over 8 years ago.

    The new tools are not just a code re-write but a change in the way certain things are done, much to the joy of you folks I'm sure. There's a bunch of decisions I made very early on which very much hampered my ability to do things what might be considered more logical for creating and managing gangs. Here is a list of the changes I've brought to the Necromunda tools for Yak4:
    • Global
      • Action logging. All actions in gangs, gangers, campaigns etc. are all logged and can be viewed as a history for each section
    • Gangs
      • Gangs are created under a specific ruleset and retain that ruleset irrespective of the current user's preference.
      • Creating a gang now adds default amount of credits (1000 for most)
      • Adding a new ganger now prompts to purchase or add, the former subtracting from credits
      • Will not allow purchase if gang has insufficient credits
      • Gangs now have an optional image
      • Only active gangers are display in full stat layout. Other captured, dead or enslaved gangers can be viewed in full in ganger edit mode.
    • Gangers
      • Ganger type now split into original (for xp validation) and current
      • Ganger type can be changed manually (eg. from Ganger to Leader)
      • Ganger type now automatically changes on certain criteria (eg. from Juve to Ganger)
      • Current ganger type now determines allowed skills for advancements and post-battle sequence
      • Adding equipment now has 2 buttons, purchase or add.
      • Purchasing equipment automatically subtracts from credits
      • Rare equipment with random additional credits prompts when purchased to enter random extra, with suggested amount pre-rolled
      • Equipment cannot be purchased if gang has insufficient credits
      • Kills (wounding hits) can be manually modified
      • Sending ganger to slavers no longer removes from gang list, sets as new status type
      • XP can be modified by +/- or by setting a value
    • Campaigns
      • The campaign creator can now set other gang owners as campaign admins
      • Admins have full control over all gangs in the campaign
      • Admins can view action history of all gangs in the campaign
      • Campaigns can now have a description
      • Campaign invites can be sent from the Campaign editor
      • Campaign invites can be accepted or rejected now by the gang owner
    • Battles
      • Battle system designed under completely new concept to provide in-game ganger stats and tracking
      • When adding a gang to the battle, it checks for Old Battle Wounds and will add a button to prompt to roll automatically or process them manually
      • Each ganger has quick buttons for adding flesh wounds, setting to Down or OOA, setting to DNP (Did not participate) and for adding events and attacks
      • Adding flesh wounds reduces the ws+bs display stats. When they hit 0/0 they're set to OOA automatically
      • Wounding Hits can be added/removed manually with +/- buttons and will increase automatically upon attack+wounding hit events as well. This allows simple tracking of wounding hits for post-battle, basic attack registration or full detailed attack events.
    • Post-Battle
      • Completely re-coded from scratch to be highly dynamic but allow to be continued at any stage from any computer
      • Post-battle log now visible during the stages and updates automatically
      • Each stage can be skipped entirely if desired
      • You can view each previous stage results but cannot progress forward unless you process or skip
      • Did-Not-Participate flagged gangers are excluded from all stages
      • Downed and OOA gangers are rolled automatically as previously
      • Experience stage now indicates underdog xp better
      • Advances skill roll will no longer allow duplicate skills to be rolled
      • Duplicate skill rolls will prompt again to choose a specific skill from remaining choices
      • Credits stage remains largely unchanged functionally
    • Images
      • Gang and Ganger images now use the forum Gallery as the source instead of a dedicated uploader and management for the tools
      • Any gang and ganger images you wish to use for your gangs must be uploaded to your own gallery
      • A global set of albums for ganger images will also be available to choose from for common Necromunda models
    • Custom
    • The custom entries will now by default only display your own custom entries
    • Custom ganger types will now only display to add to a gang of the specific type it is created under instead of all types.
    • Creating custom types now defaults to your current ruleset instead of global
    • All types of custom now include 2 new options:
      • Sharing. By default a custom entry is not shared. You can select Friends or a specific Campaign
      • Campaign. If sharing to a Campaign, use this 2nd option to select specific campaign
    • Sharing
      • Most sections of the tools intended for sharing are now optimized with Open Graph for sites like Facebook, Reddit etc.
      • Gangers can now be linked to and shared, previously the ganger page was for owner editing only
      • Icons for sharing being added in the appropriate places
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  2. cardyfreak

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    If you need stock images for Ganger types I uploaded a crap tonne to my gallery the other day. This goes without saying, but feel free to use anything you deem worthy.
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  3. Blood Donor

    Blood Donor Executive Officer in Charge of the 2014 Bake Sale
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    Your paintjobs are amazing.
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  4. spafe

    spafe Executive Officer in charge of Hats
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    Yeah... I have a load of stuff in my gallerys if you need stock stuff... but when you have the option for Cardy's stuff... I really wont be offended if you dont need any of it!

    Sounds like a lot of useful features dude!
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  5. Malo

    Malo YakTribe Mechanicum
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    List of changes in OP has been updated.

    All current components in the new Necromunda tools are now available for testing. Any gangs and campaigns you had in the current system prior to February this year should still be there but feel free to look at the new creation process as well. Both legacy and new content needs to be tested as there is a LOT of database changes in the new system.
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  6. spafe

    spafe Executive Officer in charge of Hats
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    Since you posted the update in here, I'll post any things that crop up here for the gang tools (unless you want them elsewhere for tidyness?)

    I managed to create a new cawdor gang... tried adding a pitslave hired gun, no skills on his drop down. Checked and the skills are present for the normal gangers, just not the HG.

    I like the stock images idea... is it worth having a hired gun selection too (obvs not a high priority, more jsut an idea) that is always unlocked for everyone?

    Did a test battle too, the advances didnt work quite right, got all stats, but when the drop down appeared for skills, selected what tables and hit process, it jsut left them blank in the battle recorder.

    I'm guessing its a bug of the WiP nature, but to proceed from the battle to the psot battle, and then from the injuries, to exp, to advances and to income, I had to refresh the page each time rather than it just moving from one to another.

    In the battle, trying to record hits, it says choosing a weapon is optional, but it isnt. also it requires a injury entry (i jsut used other) for shots that were misses.

    Sorry if this isnt the stuff you want to know about yet, just thought I'd have a paly with it while I have time.
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  7. Malo

    Malo YakTribe Mechanicum
    Staff Member Yak Founder

    I'll check it out, should be easy to fix. There are some more things that need to be done for Hired Guns over the next few weeks including the HG manager. Wanted to get the core functions done.

    Yeah I think I broke the skills last night at the end of the night trying to finish it all and I believe there's a bug under a common circumstance. I'll address it tonight.

    All the steps you mention should be automatic rather than requiring refresh. Submitting a step should unlock and move to the next tab in the sequence. I'll look at it, thanks.

    What browser are you using btw?

    What you're doing is a detailed combat entry. It shouldn't require weapon but I'll look at it, and Other is intended for result for misses though I could add a "Missed" result.

    Last night I added instructions for the battles which appear when no battle is active. If you simply want to register an attack on a target, click on the crosshairs button on a ganger, then it will prompt only for the target ganger, wounds and basic result. It should also adjust the target gangers panel based on the result (fw, down, ooa).

    The most basic of basic options now is to simply add wounding hits and toggle the gangers manually with the status buttons next to them. It's up to the user to decide how complex they want to use the battle tool.
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  8. spafe

    spafe Executive Officer in charge of Hats
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    Aweomse, thanks for the explanation. I'm using Chrome btw
  9. Malo

    Malo YakTribe Mechanicum
    Staff Member Yak Founder

    This is resolved for Pit Slaves for testing. I see why the issue occurred and I'm associating skills differently in Yak4 for Restricted mode. Once we go live I will fix for all hired guns across all rulesets.

    Yes definitely. I need stock photos of all hired guns.

    This should now be fixed, please advise if you still have issues.

    This should now be fixed.

    This is now fixed.
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  10. spafe

    spafe Executive Officer in charge of Hats
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    legend. Will play with that again during the week when I get a mo. and report back
  11. Malo

    Malo YakTribe Mechanicum
    Staff Member Yak Founder

    Necromunda tools updates
    • Print and Print w/Images completed
    • Print Rules w/toggles completed
    • XML output updated
    • Side menu now incorporates a tabbed addon for tools
    • Necromunda home page Tools panel has added Hired Guns, Customize and Settings added for new users
    • From the Community now displays only visible threads
    • Various minor bugs squashed
    @p0dde you may want to validate the XML for your ganger cards. Images won't work yet but the rest should be the same, apart from <type> which is now the actual type of the ganger (juve, heavy etc.) instead of the title.
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  12. p0dde

    p0dde Gang Champion
    Yak Philanthropist

    Sounds good, I'll look at it over the weekend. I am looking forward to seeing the new site! Amazing that you are able to see this through. Such an enormous task! (y)
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  13. Kambuk

    Kambuk Ganger

    Looks good, I like the new Old Battle wound button, one suggestion is a results pop up when you click yes so you immediately know who failed rather than having to scroll through your roster to find out who isn't participating.
    Maybe something similar for Head Wounds?
    Hired Gun pool is giving me a bunch of errors:
    Notice: Undefined index: username in Necromunda.hiredguns.php on line 83

    Repeated once for each Hired Gun, all looks ok under the errors.

    Campaigns, I'm not listed as admin under the campaigns I created...

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  14. Malo

    Malo YakTribe Mechanicum
    Staff Member Yak Founder

    Yes that was the plan but it didn't make it for release. I'll definitely be showing a summary of results for that and will do head wounds as well. Thanks!

    I'll look at the Hired Guns errors.

    This was fixed earlier.
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  15. Ryu_ookami

    Ryu_ookami New Member

    is the gang creator down as I'm unable to create any gangs?
  16. Fold

    Fold Gang Hero

    I'm guessing you know this @Malo but campaign pages are not redirecting. I expect this will cause some frustrations for a lot of people as campaign URLs are bookmarked and shared on Facebook etc...

    Also, I couldn't find the campaigns from the site navigation and only got there by following the link here to "Necromunda tools". It's not immediately obvious the site has these tools anymore. I think they could be more visible.

    My campaign "A Sump Runs Through It" was not listed on the campaigns page. I had to go to my gang where the campaign it is a part of was linked.

    And once at the campaign page, I personally would strongly prefer to have the gangs listed first, not the battles. Seeing the gangs is the primary purpose of the campaign page - battles are used infrequently and not by all players, so having them first is odd.

    All this taking place on iPhone.
  17. Fold

    Fold Gang Hero

    Hmm, okay, I've found where the campaign was - in a drop down. I didn't realise this was a drop down at first.

    And when I follow the drop down link, I'm getting a different (better) campaign page with the gangs first. Why are there two different campaign page styles?
  18. Malo

    Malo YakTribe Mechanicum
    Staff Member Yak Founder

    Adding to the list to check later tonight. All URLs should be redirecting to the appropriate version on the new site.

    You can click the "Start a Campaign" section on the Necromunda home page, or the side menu has "Campaigns".

    The "Campaigns" page (plural, campaigns in the URL) is the campaign editor component for managing the campaign as an admin. Non-admins can view it there as well but there's no functions. The "Campaign" page (singular, campaign in the URL) is the public campaign view for displaying info only, no controls.
  19. Fold

    Fold Gang Hero

    On the navigation - I think what's wrong is there is no way of reaching the tools from the navigation when you're on the forum or homepage. Why not include some links there alongside the community, articles, vault etc? I'm sure there used to be a link to the gaming/tools section. Otherwise you have to go to the home page and then scroll a long way to hopefully see the Necromunda tools link. With all these great tools I'd just think you'd want to promote them more and make them easier to find instead of hiding them away! Wasn't it one of if not the top reasons people come here?

    Then when you get to the Necromunda tools page, granted there is a link in the pop out menu to your campaigns but would it make sense to list your campaigns on the tools homepage (and have your gangs higher up the page) as well? I don't have the data, but I'd imagine getting to your current campaigns and gangs is the most popular action from here - certainly more important than starting a new campaign or gang, or looking at some somewhat random community posts or other peoples gangs.

    On the campaigN page, the point still stands - I think showing the gangs first is more important, and while you're at it, maybe the style of the more concise gang list from the campaignS page is nicer than the blocky white version?
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  20. Malo

    Malo YakTribe Mechanicum
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    I've had a couple of reports. Just tried on my wife's phone under her account and it seemed to work fine.

    You folks are typing in a name right?
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