N18 Necromunda video game simulation?


Jul 1, 2023
So I tried both video games about Necromunda. The one with the hired gun and the one about the gang war.

Problems are that I can't play video games with reflex and dexterity for reasons I will not disclose if possible.

But I remember games like space hulk that have been adapted to a video game that is turn by turn, doesn't give you motion sickness?
There was a Mordheim phone app game (was) that was alternating turns. It was very game-able overall, and designed to encourage micro-transactions, but it did work as IgoUgo, rather than Real Time Dexterity Shooter, and it did include height levels and climbing.

The old Space Hulk video game I am told was okay on a desktop. I only played it on console, and it ... struggled. The "use the arrow buttons to try and move a cursor around" was awkward, but doubly so when there was a real time timer counting down the seconds allowed for your turn.

There's a discussion over on reddit about turn-based cyberpunk games, that have a (very) few suggestions that might help you to scratch that itch.
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