Necromunda Warehouse?

Gnostic Goblin

New Member
Oct 30, 2020
Midnight Under Mordheim
Imagine, if you will, a central location accessible by all, a warehouse on the outskirts of an industrial town, collaboratively owned by Hiveworld scum, or possibly GW funded if that’s even possible, which has around its edges floor to ceiling shelves and trestle tables, surrounded by a huge pile of trash.

In the centre of the warehouse is the Hive.

Modular components built anonymously by all the scratch builders. Stacked up in spires, with enough space to access every bit of it for the practicality of actually gaming.

This project would solve all the storage needs we all have, both for crafting bits and for finished models.

Sump Weasel

Sep 7, 2016
Y Fron, Gwynedd.
Would be great to have a dedicated play place like that, when I win the lottery that's on the list, with a bunkhouse next to it. 🤣

Seriously though, great idea, but unfortunately not very likely 😪