Necromunda's brother by another mother


Gang Hero
Nov 1, 2017
I stumbled into the sump just now and was reminded of why I made this thread in the first place. I wish I was a better influencer. Then I would try draw others to play other games.

I never forgot my conclusion from this thread. I would love it to someday form a gaming group to play microscope to create a setting then use horizon wars and rouge star to fight large and small scale battles in that setting.

Alas the group still doesn't exist, and I'm reluctant to buy the horizon wars or rouge star unless there is a twinkling of a chance to carry out said dream. But I have microscope and boy does it look awesome. Unfortunately then Corona hit and I haven't had a chance to play it. :cry:

I think microscope would even be a great game to play over chat if anyone cared to try it out?