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Aug 26, 2016
Now that we have a brand, spanking new Epic section dedicated to all things 6mm :D I thought I’d start a thread to document my endeavours(past, present and future) at this scale, a scale I really love and find myself drawn back to often.
So join me in my adventures as I permanently damage my eyes in the fruitless pursuit of painting 6mm miniatures as precisely as I paint 32mm :p
I can’t wait to see what the wealth of talent here on yaktribe has in store for the future of this Epic forum section, but I look forward to watching it grow into the fountain of inspiration and knowledge it’s sure to become and I’m hoping I can contribute.(y)

A friend of mine had THE most amazingly painted Epic Ork army. I only wish I had some photos of it.
Epic never really grabbed me. I think it was a mix of the scale, and the fact it was generally all over by turn 3, but I have always been in AWE of the paint jobs people do at that scale

I likewise can’t wait to see what you guys have been up to. (y)
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Here’s some kitbashed Epic ork fighter bomberz I made a little while back, ther part of an ongoing epic ork force I’m slowly working away on, I swear I’ll finish it one day! Who knows, maybe this thread will give me the motivation to get it all done. (y)
This is the core of what I used to build the fighter bomberz.

That’s the front of a ork shooter as the nose, a couple of deffkopta blades as wings, an exhaust of some sort as a hull and a piece of ork chainsword as a cab and tail.
I knocked up three of these all with slightly varying parts, then started slapping on some details.

At this point I’d really surprised myself with the results, I might even pull this off!
A few looter guns, some wire, lasgun butts, various bits of junk, some flight stands and bases, it’s time for painting.

“Chocks away!” :)



I was really pleased with how these turned out, hope you don’t mind me showing them off. :p
Love the bomberz, I don't remember them being available for the original game. But that might be as I only played the earliest versions.
Think I might need to give some of my orks a fresh paint job now
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Thanks for the kind comments guys! (y)
Thanks @Galtarr
and if you do get those orks painted up I’d love to see some pics in the epic forum.
Cheers @radulykan
the 6mm gorkamorka stuff has stalled abit of late. :(

This is all I’ve got so far, one mob, but I do intend to make an apposing force and get back to some minimorka one day. :rolleyes:
Thanks @primered6
It’s not to difficult at all, especially with orks, just throw a contraption together with a load of junk, it works for them! it doesn’t even have to be practical or functional, but it has to be red!.....cuz it’ll go fasta!!! :p
Is a red haired boar faster than a brown haired boar?

Ok, I coped out and went with brown but ginger boars just didn’t fit right :p
More orks to show soon hopefully as I’m working away on a couple of stompers and a super stomper, as well as a few other bits and bobs.
Cheers for looking. :)
Thanks @maxwellrpower
Your a gent, but dont go through any trouble for little old me. ;)
Hang fire, and if your ever in need of some bits we could possibly do a trade and help each other out (y)
Thanks again mate. :)
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Excellent stuff. Looks very nice. Also, never occurred to me to put 6mm Gorkamorka on bases. That actually works much better I think. I had difficulty balancing the models on the vehicles. For convenience, it would not be the end of the world if sometimes models ended up on the base that the vehicle is on, rather than on the vehicle itself. It would be especially useful for multiple combats taking place on the same vehicle.
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