Ned’s Epic Escapades

Thanks for the comments and support guys, it’s really helping me keep motivated with the epic stuff. (y)
I’ve even managed to get a little work done on some more orks.

Nothing to fancy, just a mob of boyz with a nob and a couple of big shooters, but it all adds to the great waaargh I’m aiming to build. :)
I also knocked together one of my all time favourite bat shit orky artillery contraptions. :D

The shock attack gun! :eek:
Complete with weedy little grots, ready to be hovered up, spat into oblivion, out the other end and hopefully lodged inside the chest cavity of your enemies with a temper! :p
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Thanks @Malika :)
What’s next........
Probably this super stomper I’ve been working on....

It’s all primed up and ready for paint(when I get a minute) along with its two stomper little brothers.
I’ve also got this snazz gun, these flak wagons and some more battle wagons ready for paint.

Hopefully I’ll have some painted stuff to show soon.
I’m gonna put a post together of the finished space Marine force I have also, it’s the whole reason I’m building this opposing ork army in the first place.
Thanks. (y)
I’ve dug out some photos of the 6mm space marines force waiting for an ork army to fight. I finished these a couple of years ago and was the first half of an ambitious(well...for me) project to do something cool with the plastic box set models I acquired dirt cheap, the orks being the second half of the project. It started as a purely modelling project, with not much intention to ever play Epic 40k with them, but I do like the idea of playing a slightly abstract version of 40k with them, anyway, here’s some pics.

I remember really struggling to fit them all in on a decent, detailed pic, but that’s all the finished marines apart from this dred I add a while back.......

Let’s have an action shot!......

Here’s some closer shots of some of my detachments within my space marines, it wouldn’t take to much to get these guys legit for Epic. For example, 4 whirlwinds is the minimum for a kosher detachment, so I’d need to add one more. Speaking of whirlwinds, this is the heavy weapons detachment....

Two Devo squads, three whirlwinds and a tec with his retinue, all with transport.
Then we have the backbone....

Three full tac squads and the command squad, again, all with transport.
Some elite units...

That’s the termi squad with captain from the action shot before and a termi librarian with his bodyguards, of course with transport, obvs!
And a few more specialist units...

That’s some scouts, assault marines and a squad of bikes... transport for everybody... yay! :p
And that’s about it.... thanks for looking and maybe it’s given the ork project abit of context. (y)
I’ll leave you with a couple pics of my favourite models of this past project......


Back to the orks.....
I'm amazed at the level of detail you get on these. I always saw them as an excuse for very minimal details.
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