N18 Need clarification on the Scrag tactics card.

Stinger Mould Spore

New Member
Feb 17, 2024
The Scrag card states that "Enemy Fighters must take a Nerve test within 9 inches rather than 3 inches". Which is simple, I get it, but the second sentence has me, "In addition, subtract 2 from the result of any Nerve tests made for fighters within 3 inches". Does this mean both gangs get the negative two or just my opponent? I know it says any but it just feel like both the enemy and me getting the buff at three inches is a bit too good.
Only the opponent. The any part is not a buff but additional penalty to those who already have to take tests without the effect of the extended range. The wording may be confusing, but it would be weird to have the outer range affect enemies and inner range affect all. These cards are often poorly written like that.