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Mar 17, 2016
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How those new Genestealer Neophyte Hybrids working out for everyone? We going to see some elite Brood Brother squads soon? It's been a long enough wait. I'm a bit disappointed that 1st generation Brood Brothers didn't make it into the codex. It would have been really special to see a transition from a Necromunda gang into a playable 40K army. But GW is interested in battle armies and not guerilla warfare. I'm still using those models as Brood Bros and I know the underhive will be thick with cultists for years to come.

I'm waiting for someone to leave the heads off those figs and model a nice domed bubble helmet on them. They would make cool asteroid miners or boarding troop. I always hope that GW produces more stripped down auto gunners and right now we are in luck with the Chaos Cultists and the Neophytes. Still praying for Militia, PDF, and Penal Legionaires. And in our wildest dreams one day we will get Void Pirates.
Yeah tell me about it. We've seen every type of marine so time for normal humans. Maybe even some navy personnel. I just did a headswap on mine. Can pass as a ship crewman.

f**k YA. that looks sweet.
I was just thinking the other day GW could get away with making a Ship's Crew and Penal Legion dual box. The two would look pretty similar. Infact I think it would even be easy to combo Ships Engineers and Prison Wardens (like the wardens from Heinlein's "Moon is a Harsh Mistress").

It would be awesome to play with these dudes in a boarding action.
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I've still yet to see them in person. I am a bit worried about how many hands can pass as human and how many look alien, especially given that the guns seem to have both hands attached, which is already a pain for conversions.

However, if you're looking for examples of what people have done with them, I came across these Inquisition henchmen the other day:

I think the space marine arms make them look a bit top-heavy, but they still look pretty good and the Skitarii heads seem to work well.
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