N18 New 1100 credit Escher gang for campaign, I thought this looked good, but ive seen other gangs!


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Sep 25, 2020
Hi All,

Im actually quite an experienced player going all the way back to the 90s, but my gaming group has some new players so we thought to do a simple dominion campaign to get them into the swing of things.
My group has universally set 1100 credits as the starting amount for the last few campaigns and stand alone games we have played, so it works out a little different.

I saw the first game of the campaign yesterday between chaos cult and goliaths and they seem to be a lot better than my own gang. Ive got to play the squats in my first match, something I feel I am poorly equipped for. My list is committed, so I can't really change anything now, I thought it actually seemed okay in some practice games, but I lack heavy firepower and nothing uses the firepower dice for extra hits.

With two toughness 4 gangs in the campaign, I am going to be relying on toxin and gas to do some heavy lifting. I dont have a lot of faith in my grenade launcher specialist. I wish id taken my Plasma Cannon but I couldnt make a list work for it.

Does the list seem okay? It was supposed to be a fairly middling none min max campaign but noone seems to have done lists like that.
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I cant change unfortunately, plus we have a 2 champion cap on starting gangs, but that list looks a lot stronger than mine.

I'm almost certainly going to be blasted by ironhead heavy stubbers and bolters with little chance of response.
Id have definitely swapped the chem thrower for a plasma cannon in this list, especially against high toughness gangs, beeline for hotshots on your lasguns pronto
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