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Sundown Dreamer

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Mar 6, 2018
If you like to read about Necromunda, you might be interested at:

1. Terminal Overkill (Necromunda), Justin Hill, £ 8,46 / 15,50 € - 03.09.2019

In the polluted, sprawling hive cities of Necromunda, life is short. From the decadent heights of the Spire to the murderous deeps of the Underhive, those on the climb must be bold and brutal, or face a violent end.

2. Road to Redemption (Necromunda), Mike Brooks, £ 8,99 / 15,50 € - 31.03.2020

Explore the dystopian gang-ridden landscape of the Underhive in this fantastic new novel set in the Warhammer Necromunda universe.
From within the hives of Necromunda, where unchecked billions teem and fester, House Cawdor knows the truth – the doom of the universe hangs eternal over their heads. You cannot escape it, and you cannot escape your past.

And in german language:

3. Necromunda - Blaues Blut: Kal Jerico, Will McDermott and Gordon Rennie, 12,99 € - 05.02.2020
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