N18 New box announced


Feb 2, 2019
Hi all, a new article on warhammer community just announced "Dark Uprising".

This box will feature a new gang that was mentionned in the books: the Corpse Grinders. I love those models but I'm concerned by the fact that only the juves seem to have ranged weapons. I guess we'll have to wait for another preview or for their rules.

It will also include new palatine enforcer models (they have shields!) and some terrain.
Oct 21, 2019
Wonder if they just used the environment buildings on the tiles for photo purposes or if we are getting 3d rules for zone mortalis tiles in this box.
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Aug 2, 2018
I have been staring at the pictures of the new Boxset and noticed a few telling details:
- In the Corpse grinder cult lot every body pose is repeated 3 times, which to me indicates that the Dark uprising boxset will come with 3x Sprues, each containing 3 larger dudes and 2 smaller dudes.
- The Corpse grinders seem to either have 2 visually distinct fighter types or might be a precursor to Champion/Juves gang boxes (there are 6 apparent juves Vs 9 gangers/champs); if that is the case then we can expect future Champ/Juves boxes to come with 2 Juves and 3 Champs per sprue, I assume 2 Sprues per box (altough it might be these will be smaller 'gang upgrade boxes' with only 1 sprue).
- The bodies are 'mono-pose' but you have options for 'modular' Arms and Heads (somewhat like Blood bowl teams).
- The Enforcers seem to be comprised of 5 normal Palanite enforcers (1 regular sprue) and 6 Subjugators; said subjugators seem to have visibly different armor and helmets, but only 2 Body poses, which suggests to me the subjugator sprues come with 2-3 models per sprue or they are included on the Sprues that have the Corpse grinders on them (so the 3x Box-specific sprues would have 5 Corpse grinders and 2 subjugators each +1 normal 5-men sprue of enforcers).
- The Subjugator 'leader' model seems to be holding the first example of a proper enforcer Autopistol that we have seen, and the lot seem to include at least 3 Grenade launchers and 1 Assault ram (in the second rank of the group picture).
- The box seems to include 2 new colors of 'generic' Necromunda dice in Red and Black (which I'll be using for my Goliaths, since I did not get Goliath specific dice, because their colors make those unreadable), likely new Tactics cards and new GW plastic Zone mortalis terrain that somehow includes elevation (maybe a hint to a hybridisation of ZM and SM terrain rules?). Basically it is the new Necromunda 2019 starter box with an updated 'rulebook' (hopefully with better editing/FAQ updates to the Enforcer's gang); I hope this rulebook in the box includes the new stuff from the Dark uprising expansion book, but knowing GW it will be another case of Starter box + obligatory 'Gang war 07 supplement' at release, to get all the new rules...

I hope GW keeps the price in line with the original Necromunda or Warcry starter boxes (this box seems to have more plastic than the Necromunda starter, but less then Warcry, so I hope they keep it down, especially if we'll have to get Dark uprising book on top of it). I will likely get at least 1 box for myself (and maybe split a second one for the terrain), depending no how expensive it turns out to be.


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Oct 30, 2014
Palmerston, ACT, Australia
I kind of expect that this box will have a slimmed down soft cover rulebook and a separate standalone expansion book that will be included in the box but also sold separately.

it’s what they did with warcry and it seemed to do well.