N18 New campaign and so many questions ^^


Sep 9, 2021
Hello everyone !

First of all, I would like to thank you for reading me and if possible for providing answers to our questions.

We are 4 players who are launching a new Underhive campaign, with house book, and knowing that there are many rules missing or too vague, we have questions to decide in our debates.

I'm not asking everyone to answer all of the questions, I would number them to keep track of and if I can I would edit this initial post to reference the answers.

1 - During the time-out step, a Novice who has obtained 5 evolutions can be promoted to Champion. He loses all of his Novice special abilities and gains all of his Champion abilities. The Skill ability is of no use since it is specified that it is only obtained when it is recruited. Exact ?

2 - As part of the campaign, I was frustrated to learn that there are certain game effects that do not earn experience. It must surely be in the mechanics for an important reason. What do you think and do you follow it to the letter?

3 - A direct OoA or a flesh wound which brings the fighter to 0 T earns experience. But if the fighter dies of his injuries during the recovery phase, nothing is won. Exact ?

4 - Does a weapon trait that brings an OoA fighter earn experience? Blaze, Rad, Knockback, Web?

5 - If an attack does Prone and Pinned or Prone and Seriously Injured or Knockback and the enemy fails an initiative check and falls one floor. If he dies in the fall, is there experience gain?

6 - If an enemy, out of fear or forcing him to move, leaves the battlefield, is there experience gain?

7 - If the scenario, like Urban Renewal, acts following the firing of a fighter, and the dome throw kills a fighter who takes a stone on the head in direct relation to his attack which damaged the central structure. Is there a gain of experience?

8 - If, for example, via a Van Saar Rad-Clouds tactical map, one or more radiation zones kill a fighter. Applicable to any type of trap in any home. Who gains experience?

9 - Our campaign has just started, 4 players or 12 courts. You who have played longer than us, does the gain of experience allow a progression "difficult" or rather "suitable"? I admit that in the state I have the impression that some will never have an XD evolution

10 - Is there a way to simply convert 1v1 scenarios to multi and vice versa? Same between Mechanicus and Mortalis?

11 - During the first phase of the campaign, the occupation phase, is it possible to make a scenario with the Home Territory Advantage rule, when it is not yet the territory "conquest" phase? How is this territory chosen? And if the attacker wins, what happens to the defender's territory?

12 - I thought I read somewhere that there were a lot of scenarios. Besides those referenced in Bookromunda, would there be another document or find new missions?

13 - Suppose a fighter suffers 12 flesh wounds in a single attack. Do we agree that he only makes one Lasting Injuries roll?

14 - Suppose a fighter suffers 12 OoA in a single attack. We agree that he does 12 rolls of Lasting Injuries?

15 - Suppose a fighter takes 12 Seriously Injured in a single attack. We agree that he only makes one Recovery roll during the end phase and that all is well with him? Is this normal or I have the impression that the Seriously Injured zone is a buffer zone where one can suffer this injury throughout the game without worsening its condition?

Thank you in advance for all your participation


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Feb 4, 2014
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1) Only Leaders and Champions get a Skill when recruited. The Novice (Juve) Skill kicks in when advanced. BTW, in four years of playing N17/18, we've never had a Juve advance. They just don't last that long.

2) Most scenarios award Experience. So does taking opponents Out of Action. That's usually enough for reasonable advances. Oh, and House Benefits can grant XP.

3) Correct. Has to be caused directly. So, if an opponent is hit and falls and the fall causes him to go OOA, the shooter gains XP. But, not for fighters who later go OOA during the End Phase.

4) Only when the weapon hits and wounds. Not later on. So, during the weapon's immediate effects.

5) Yes. The enemy could fall, bounce, fall again and go OOA. All of it caused by that one hit, so XP would be awarded.

6) Only if the scenario says so. Otherwise, no. Not even if fighters leaving the battlefield are considered OOA by the scenario. Typically, they are not.

7) I would say no. No "chain reactions." Because the fighter is affected by something other than the attacker's direct action. So, if a fighter is hit and falls on another fighter and that poor guy goes OOA, no XP. It can get more complicated. A blast template can cause fighters on the edge of a pitfall to fall. I would award XP, but that's just me.

8) Keep it simple. Traps don't give XP.

9) Suitable for Leaders and Champions. Paltry for Gangers and Juves.

10) I'd say you can convert most any scenario to multiplayer (I'm sure there are exceptions). Switching between Zone and Mechanicus is typically easy to do. Some scenarios have terrain specific rules. But, easy to adjust.

11) We found the rules for territory occupation and conquest clunky. And, tend to make the rich richer and the poor poorer. So, we simplified. But that's just us. I highly encourage any "narrative" you wish. Home Advantage is very underutilized by scenarios.

12) Bookromunda has 72 scenarios! There may be more, like the Gang Raids White Dwarf insert.

13) Yes.

14) By the rules, Yes. If your players hate each other. We never roll more than one Lasting Injury. But that's just us.

15) Unlike Flesh Wounds and regular Wounds which add up, Serious Injury is a condition. So there are no multiple Serious Injuries. Only one Recovery attempt.

MY answers are MY best interpretation of the rules, tempered by MY experiences. Others may have a different take. And, there is an exception to almost every rule. That said, we tend to keep it simple. Tend not to get too creative with the rules. However, getting creative with the game is highly encouraged. But NO 40K! Let in 40K and things go South real quick.


Sep 9, 2021
Really thank you very much for your answers, it will give us some ideas.

If other players have different answers, I'm a taker too
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Jan 1, 2014
these are answers that your group of players has already answered. you know, those with whom you campaign


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Dec 29, 2017
3 - A direct OoA or a flesh wound which brings the fighter to 0 T earns experience. But if the fighter dies of his injuries during the recovery phase, nothing is won. Exact ?
The reason is quite simple. Do you remember who caused every in-game effect earlier in the game? I don't. So it saves a lot of book keeping (who caused that what effect which later killed a fighter etc.).


Sep 9, 2021

16 - A weapon with the Rapid Fire trait hits different targets. For each target hit, do you have to roll for the following trait:

A - Rad
B - Blaze

Or only the first target, same at other effect in Necromunda ?
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May 29, 2017
Rad phage affects all hit fighters after fully resolving the attack sequence.

Have just reread blaze and it doesn't actually work on template weapons Raw as it only affects the target of the attack and templates don't have targets, way to make flamers even worse GW, RAI it should be all fighters hit by the weapon. Most, if not all, people will play it this way as target only just doesn't make sense.

I can fire 6 flamers at you but I can't set you on fire because I didn't target you?? Raw