N18 New campaign starting


Apr 22, 2024
Renton WA
Hey looking for some advice. New campaign starting up. I’m playing Goliath. I think I’m pretty solid at the basics.

The campaign is 11 gangs 3 are Cawdor, and there is like 7 Prometheum caches on the map. Of which 3 more non-Cawdor gangs are also starting with a Prometheum cache under their control. For context; we all got to pick one extra starting territory between 2 different random territories. I got the genetorium for example.

My question(s) are:

Would it be a good idea to grab hazard suits to be able to swap into with the prevalence of flame attacks in all these gangs I’ll be duking it out with. I’m thinking a couple to put on the guys that take point and I really don’t want catching fire. Thoughts?
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Hazard Suit plus eventual Armoured Undersuit plus eventual Ablative Armour makes for 3+ on the first hit, and 5+ on the last hit, but that immunity to Blaze sounds worth your ten credits alone, in that environment.
Hazard suits mitigate catching fire. So does shooting them in the face before they set you on fire.

In Cawdor heavy situations I would start of with a few hazard suits on your frontline fighters say your bullies or forgeborn so you can get them in without wandering around on fire.
Being stuck with a 6+ armour save base gets a bit of a drag later on. Armoured Undersuits cost 25 credits and ablative armour costs 20 as @Aulenback suggests but that's a chunk of credits. If your opponents are canny they will note which fighters have hazard suits and targets them with non blaze weapons.

I believe there is a Genesmithing option that mitigates some strength from Blaze weapons,Warhammer Community Apocrypha Twins of Two tunnels, Thermal resistance. It won't stop you from catching fire but it does reduce the strength of the hit.

For your tools of the trade models you could get two suits of armour. One one card have your hazard suit for facing Blaze foes. For others you can have one for your heavier armour, mesh carapace reflec shouds etc.
You can't wear both at the same time but you can put different Wargear on different cards. If you play random draws of your tools of the trade cards just make more hazard suit ones so you don't get caught out when Firestorms come a knocking.