Jun 7, 2019
Afternoon gents, first post so please delete if in wrong area or not following guidelines but I've just seen that GW has released a new FAQ and errata for necromunda, I did check if anyone else had posted about it but couldn't see any.
I'm at work so haven't had a full look yet but what I did see is enforcers do have access to both trading posts and magnacles were standard starting equipment for enforcers.
Also subjugator grenade launchers have changed their stun grenades to stun rounds losing the grenade trait. If someone not at work could post the FAQ link would be great, failing that it's on necromunda Facebook page
Now this is something interesting:

Q. Can a Flame template be placed so that it touches fighters within, or even beyond, a Smoke cloud?
A. Yes. A Smoke cloud does not prevent a fighter from placing a Flame template as normal.

Q. When using the Pitch Black rules, does a fighter have to be able to see an enemy fighter in order to make an attack with a weapon with the Template or Blast trait?
A. No. Template and Blast weapons target a point on the battlefield and so can be used whether a fighter can see another fighter or not. In Pitch Black conditions, the fighter could easily have heard a noise down a corridor and decided to risk throwing a grenade or flaming the surrounding battlefield in the hope of hitting an enemy that they know is there, but they can’t pinpoint.

The first question never really was a problem for my group, but still good to have it clarified. the second one, however, is huge!

Also, Concussion grenades FINALLY got Blast(3).
What I found interesting is that the Exostic beasts 0-X limit is (apparently) not a limit per Gang (as I always understood it to be) but rather per Fighter (say what?!!!?), meaning a Goliath gang could have a Sump crock following each leader/champ and some other gangs could be bringing multiple house pets per character... Granted it is not an OP interaction, but now all I can think of is to make a Beast tamers gang:)

Also Goliath's Brute cleaver got back its +1 to hit in melee, making it in all aspects a Sword with Disarm trait rather than Parry.

Replace the second sentence of the PYROMANCY – SCOURING (BASIC) entry as follows:
For as long as this Wyrd Power is maintained, the psyker counts as being armed with the following weapon:

Ok, fine! You clarified this one instance of Scouring, it's dumb and useless but fine. WHAT ABOUT ALL THE OTHER INCONSISTENT SCOURINGS?!?!?!
Mostly looks like good stuff.
They've only half fixed the Neural Flayer unfortunately... Full Blast still has Fear and Pulverise which can't work together. One might make injuries more severe, the other completely removes any chance of causing them.
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Yeah, that's peculiar to say the least. Especially, when you consider, that Helot Cultists can have 0-2 Familiars and Genestealer Cults 0-3. Each of those allowing to avoid first hit by passing a Will check...

I've put some thoughts in our chat, be interested to see where you think I've misread it
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If GSC familiars stack I might just have figured out how to break what I though was a fairly mediocre gang... I just need 9 more familiar models...
Also, blast added on the Heavy Concussion Ram, and Enforcers can now use weapons from the trading post...!

Ah, so can Subjugators use weapons from the Subjugator & Palanite Enforcer list, or just the Subjugator list, and Trading post??

I for one would read it as the former, after gang creation. (Simply because it doesn't make sense to let them use other weapons, but only inferior ones...)
They did it, the madlads! About time!

Nice to see a final nail in the coffin for the Enforcers and the Trading Post. Am I reading that correctly, that Magnacles are added to the EQUIPMENT lists for Enforcers? As in, every model is automatically carrying them by default?