Necromunda New Forgeworld heads for most gangs

Discussion in 'Tribe News' started by cronevald, Dec 31, 2018.

  1. Sethmerlin666

    Sethmerlin666 Gang Hero
    Honored Tribesman Yak Comp 1st Place

    So that'll work out to around AUD$756?
  2. UnderhiveBerzerker

    Tribe Council

    2019 is off to be another expensive mini year...
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  3. Chivers7

    Chivers7 Ganger

    That’s before a 3rd round of bounty hunter/hive scum releases, gang leader models (Goliath king, Escher queen etc), brute models, gang pets, psykers, and anything else they feel like modelling .....
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  4. Chivers7

    Chivers7 Ganger

    Actually I just took a look at space marine heads, all priced at £12 for 10 heads so that’s looking like the more likely price. Tbh I don’t mind paying that as its purely aesthetic not like weapons and wargear
  5. Gunkaiser

    Gunkaiser Ganger

    Damn, what is up with those cheek spikes on the Escher ladies? Half the pack looks dynamite but those are a bit off-putting.
  6. Gdolkin

    Gdolkin Gang Hero

    I think the Escher cheek-plates are supposed to be reconstructive surgery after injury.. maybe.
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  7. Chivers7

    Chivers7 Ganger

    Overall I’m a big fan of most of these alternate heads, especially the Escher and Cawdor ones. The Cawdor heads look like they’d easily lend themselves to som chaos cultist conversions too.
  8. UnderhiveBerzerker

    Tribe Council

    Amen to that..
  9. Ardavion

    Ardavion Gang Hero

    I like the Cawdor heads; they evoke more of the old-style minis, with the face masks and hoods. I'm now hoping for bodies that bring back the old Cawdor aesthetic, to round it off (I have a feeling that cries of "why can't we have old-style Cawdor minis" has filtered through in some manner).

    Most of the heads across the gangs look atrocious on first viewing, but I get that:

    Some of them are meant to model head/eye injuries with bionic replacements, which is nice, I guess.
    A lot of the new heads have gas masks, particularly Goliath (11/13 heads!); this is probably because people can pick up gas masks pretty easy and/or need to buy them when playing against Escher gangs.
    They're not painted, and when on the bodies some of the heads look better (even unpainted), so perhaps they need a paint job.

    The Orlock gas mask heads should have, I think, been more in line with the Van Saar heads (and I'd consider buying VS gas mask heads for an Orlock gang).

    I can't help but think of the third party heads that look a lot like these heads already, though.
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  10. Nice, really a surprise but nice models and quite useful for conversions outside necro. The latest GW plastic kits use to have very "calmed" facial expressions and this angry ones are a nice addition.

    But I keep not understanding the release planing. Still not showed Delaque upgrades and a ton of already shown models not released.
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    COLBOURNE Ganger

    Some nice heads here... and some meh!

    I like the scarred Escher heads and the one with the metal plates added - that could be good to represent wounds. Love the Cawdor ones as well. the Goliath are....OK. Wish they had done a few more without masks. will still probably get some though...
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  12. autoxidation

    autoxidation Ganger

    I like that the Escher heads give some much needed hair choice variety.

    Which one is that?
  13. UndeadKing

    UndeadKing Ganger

    Anvil industries from the UK have a wide range of heads that some of these look direct rips from
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  14. SumpRat

    SumpRat Gang Champion

    Seems like the ones we saw were just a preview!

    I got over excited, Goliath have a second, so here’s hoping everyone else does too eventually!
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    Last edited: Jan 4, 2019
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  15. DerekDecker

    DerekDecker Ganger

    Btw those are 19$ before shipping for 12/13 heads, and in resin.
  16. cardyfreak

    cardyfreak Executive Officer in charge of Radishes
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    Looks like I’ll be needing another twenty Goliaths then lol!
    I think I’ll hang on before using most of these heads I think, particularly for the Goliaths. I have a feeling there’ll be some bionic upgrades at some point, so I’ll probably be waiting so I’m not ending up with armies of gangers. Though that being said, armies of gangers does sound pretty awesome....
    Those Goliath sculpts though... joyyyyyyy!
  17. SumpRat

    SumpRat Gang Champion

    I’m with you on that one. Debating another box, an upgrade sprue and the new heads.

    Now to figure out which upgrade sprue...
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  18. cardyfreak

    cardyfreak Executive Officer in charge of Radishes
    Staff Member Necromunda Custodian Tribe Council Yak Supporter

    Could the answer be... all of them? :LOL:
  19. Chivers7

    Chivers7 Ganger

    This was exactly what I was thinking...
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