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Jul 7, 2013
Manchester, UK
Hi all,
my first time on the forums here, and having been a necromunda fanatic for... 15 years (dear god I'm old) I thought I might wade in.
For starters, here's a gang I created a decade or so ago, in order to allow that other b-movie archetype, kung fu films, to make its way into the Underhive.
I've playtested them in two campaigns, and generally found that they're fairly balanced. A lot of things are deliberately overcosted, to compensate for occasional amazing rolling. They're reasonably effective in games and permanently financially crippled.

Feedback is welcome - and of course please feel free to make use of these rules for your own gang, and let me know how you get on!

The Brotherhood of the Lotus


Outlanders. Brothers (and Sisters) of the Lotus, no matter what their origins of birth, have cast aside their former ties to live a life of asceticism and enlightenment in the wastes. They are therefore Outlaws, and all the Outlaw rules (with a few exceptions noted below) apply to them. In addition, as Outlanders and Wyrds the Brothers do not have a guild price, and may never pay off their Outlaw status.

Territory. Cabals of the Brotherhood start with one piece of territory generated on the Outlaw Territory Table. This is the Brothers’ camp in the wastes, and they cannot hold more than one piece of territory at a time. They may choose to move their camp after any game, crossing the old territory off their roster and the end of the post battle sequence and generating a new camp on the Outlaw Territory Table immediately.

Captured Territories. Any additional territory captured from other gangs may not be looted or kept by the Cabal, although they should still be noted down on the gang roster. Instead of owning and working these other territories, any foraging rolls made from that game onwards gain a +1 modifier for each captured territory, to represent the increased local knowledge of the Brothers, and (in the case of inhabited territories) the Alms provided by the habbers, grateful for their freedom.
In addition, any captured Archeotech sites may be (at the player’s discretion) gifted to peaceful Ratskins (NOT in-play ratskin gangs), who show their gratitude by dispatching a Ratskin Scout (see Hired Guns) to aid the Brothers. The Archaeotech site is then crossed off the gang roster. The Cabal need pay no hire fee for the first game they use the new Ratskin, but must pay to retain his services after the first game as usual. The Cabal may not have more than one Ratskin Scout through this method.
If an enemy captures a territory from the Brotherhood, the territory is randomly chosen from those listed on the roster - either the habitation of the Brothers, or one of the territories they guard. If the Brothers lose their home territory, they must immediately generate a new one from the Outlaw Territory Table.

Income. Brothers of the Hidden Lotus collect income from their one piece of territory, like any other outlaw gang. They may also forage (or beg), with possible bonuses (see above). Only Siblings may work a territory or forage - Shinobi are honing their skills, while the Sifu is teaching and meditating.

Trading. Brothers of the Hidden Lotus, when they feel the need to stoop to the level as the other dwellers of the wastes, roll on the Outlaw Trading Chart.

Hired Guns.. Brothers may only make use of Ratskin Scouts, being wary of disclosing their secrets to other outsiders.

Starvation. The starvation rules apply as normal. However, before rolling for income, any Brothers may choose to enter a Trance of Fasting. Roll a D6 for each model Fasting; on a 1, they may not perform any action until before the next Income phase of the post battle sequence, therefore missing the next game while they recuperate, having failed to endure; on a 2-5, they only require 2 creds worth of food; and on a 6, they only require 1 cred - this being used for drinking water and to tend their equipment.

Bounty. ‘Organised Warrior Psyker Monks, living as Outlaws, and Blaspheming against the Emperor with their words of Peace?! BURN THE HERETICS!’ Brothers are highly prized Bounty (If caught!) worth the sum of their cost, and their experience/2.

Capture. Brothers of the Hidden Lotus may be captured in the normal way (unless, of course, they have the Escape Artist skill) and if the Rescue attempt is failed or aborted, can be sold to guilders for their excessive bounty.
Enemy gang members captured by the Brothers may not be sold into slavery; they may be Exchanged, or Enlightened (see Below), but not Ransomed (the brothers would never set such stock in material wealth).

Scenarios. Due to their Lawful but outcast nature, the Brothers of the Lotus may roll on the normal or the Outlaw scenario tables. The choice is always at the discretion of the Brotherhood’s opponent (or opponents, depending on the scenario). In addition, when choosing the scenario, choosing sides or setting up, add 250 to the brotherhood’s gang rating to represent the pacifistic nature of the Brotherhood in comparison to most other gangs.

Wyrds. All Brothers, whether they have any manifested powers or not, can be considered to be Wyrds for all purposes in the game. If they roll up no usable powers in the game, they simply have other powers that do not affect the game (having the camera zoom in on his or her face looking dramatic at inappropriate occasions, for instance, or having really silly facial hair).

Martial Arts. While the majority of the techniques developed within the Brotherhood affect the game through standard skills and stats (they’re just especially good at them), there is one area in which they excel beyond ordinary humans: unarmed combat. Due to their prowess, the Brothers can never be completely disarmed; they always count as being armed with two knives, even if carrying nothing at all.

Leadership. Leadership challenges in the brotherhood are few and far between. Shinobi may never lead a cabal, the responsibility being completely at odds with their path, and so will never challenge the Sifu; and siblings will never challenge their teacher, since all their life is about learning. If the situation arises where a sibling has manifested the Serenity skill, and also has a higher leadership characteristic than the Sifu, the sibling has surpassed all lessons that can be learned in this lifetime, and returns to the Hidden Valley to take the trials to see if they can then become a master. And if the Sifu is killed, leadership of the cabal is by order of seniority; first the sibling with serenity with the highest leadership, then any sibling with serenity, then the sibling with the highest leadership. If the Cabal contains no-one with the Serenity skill, it is possible for it to be lead astray… but that could be a whole story in itself, so if that ever happens, watch some kung fu, write your own rules and campaign and pm me!

Enlightening. If the Brotherhood captures a member of an enemy gang, hired gun, or other ganger, they may attempt to teach them the error of their ways, and guide them to the Middle Way. This is the same as being sold into slavery in campaign terms, so a gang may attempt a rescue before the Brotherhood get the chance to Enlighten their comrade.
To Enlighten a prisoner, one Sibling or the Sifu is selected to the be the prisoner’s Guide.
Roll a D6 and add the Guide’s leadership (2D6 if the Brother has the Serenity ability). The prisoner’s player also rolls a D6 and adds his Ld. If the prisoner is a Redemptionist, non-human (mutants with more than 1 mutation, Scalies, Genestealers and their associated Hybrids), or is of an Evil persuasion (e.g. Carlos Valois, Chaos Cultists) they may also roll a second dice. If the Brother’s score is greater, the prisoner has learned the error of his ways; consult the following table.

Prisoner Type Result
Non-evil Wyrd The Wyrd is sent to the Hidden Valley to receive his or her
(e.g. Hired Gun) Training. They take all their weapons with them, but the gang may
immediately recruit a new Sibling at no cost (equipment and
weapons extra), as such a wise Sifu can obviously be entrusted
with more students. The Wyrd is crossed off their original gang
roster, and never seen in the same guise again.
Evil Wyrd Roll a dice: on a roll of 5+, the Wyrd is still human enough for the
(e.g. Chaos Elders to consider the risk justified, and he/she is treated as a Non-
Cult Demagogue) Evil Wyrd (as above). Any other roll signifies the Wyrd being
unable to come to terms with their own evil acts, and taking their
own life - they are given a full burial with all their equipment, and
the Guide receives 15 experience points.
Resistant Human Leaving behind all his or her weapons and equipment with the
(e.g. Gang Leader, Cabal, plus 2D6 credits worth of trinkets and cash, he or she sets
Bounty Hunter , off into the wilderness on his own spiritual quest for peace. Cross
Redemptionist) them off their original gang roster. The Guide is left with a feeling
of intense well-being, and 10 experience points.
Non-Human Unless the alien is a slavering killing machine (in which case, why
(e.g. Scaly, are you even trying to enlighten it?) it is touched by the sentiments
Genestealer Hybrid, of peace, harmony and love, and swears off ever hurting humans
Eldar, Ork) again. Treat as Resistant Human.
If it is a slavering killing machine, it slavers, growls, and then
someone in your cabal has the good sense to kill it. You gain D6x5
credits for its corpse at the nearest Outlaw trading post.
Other Leaving behind all his weapons and equipment with the Cabal,
(Normal Gangers, plus D6 credits worth of pocket money, he or she sets off into the
Heavies, wilderness on his own spiritual quest for peace. Cross them off
Hired Guns, their original gang roster. The Guide is left with a warm feeling
Ratskins etc) inside, like a post-coital glow, and 5 experience points.

If the prisoner’s roll is higher than the Guide’s, his equipment is confiscated and destroyed by the Cabal, and he is ‘rehabilitated’ by the Elders - never to be seen again.

Use the following list when recruiting a Cabal of the Brotherhood of the Hidden Lotus.

Sifu: The Cabal must be led by a Sifu. He or She is the Gang Leader, and is the heart of the Cabal.

Shinobi: Some Brothers, whether trained from birth by the Brotherhood or led to the Hidden Valley by chance, are selected by the Onikage to receive the special training of a shinobi. You may have up to 4 Shinobi in your Cabal.

Siblings: The majority of the Cabal is made up of Siblings - warrior monks of considerable power and wisdom, training under the supervision of the Sifu. Although inexperienced, they are fast learners.

Cost to recruit: 220 credits

The Sifu (teacher) is the leader of the Cabal, in all respects - being spiritual guide, battle-captain, and father-figure to all the Brothers under his tutelage. Some teachers are strict disciplinarians, others like kindly, benevolent grandparents - but all are immensely powerful in their own controlled, peaceful way.
A Sifu may be over a hundred years old, and may have spent most of their life honing their spiritual and physical selves into an instrument of Balance, in perfect harmony with the world around him. In order to be chosen as a Teacher by the elders, the Wyrd must show not only wisdom, strength, knowledge, and raw psychic power, but also a soul in complete harmony with the universe as a whole - a rare gift, and even rarer achievement through training.

4 4 3 3 4 1 4 1 8

Weapons. The Sifu may be given equipment chosen from the Sibling weapons lists.

Wyrd. A Sifu is a powerful Wyrd, and has one Major and one Minor power, generated from the Brotherhood Primary Power generation chart (below) and the Minor Power generation table (see the rules for Wyrds).

Experienced. A Sifu begins play with 60+2D6 Experience Points, and rolls on the Brotherhood advance table. He or she may roll on the Agility, Combat, Ferocity, Lotus, Stealth and Tech tables. Due to his or her age and wisdom, the Sifu starts with 2 advances, rolled on the Brotherhood Advance table.


Leadership. The Sifu commands respect and love from his students, and they are heartened by his presence. Any Brothers within 6” may use his leadership value for any leadership tests they must take. His faith in the universe and karma means that he may always attempt to recover from being pinned, even if there are no other friendly models within 2” of him.

Serenity. From learning the ways of the sensei, and recalling his natural harmony with all things, the Sifu has developed the ability to exude pure peace and serenity, creating a null-zone for malevolent warp entities. Any Wyrd (friend or foe!) within 6” may use the Sifu’s Ld when attempting to cast a spell or defend from Possession, and deducts 1 from any dice roll of a daemon attempting to suck him into the warp, or injure him. In addition, The Sifu himself may also re-roll any result on the Perils of the Warp table.

Brotherhood Primary Power Generation Chart
2D6 Roll Power
2-5 Telepath. Roll on the Telepath Primary Power table.
6-9 Telekinetic. Roll on the Telekinetic Primary Power table.
10-11 Beastmaster. See the rules for Beastmasters.
12 Pyromaniac. Roll on the Pyromaniac Primary Power table.

N.B.: Each time a new primary power is gained (however rare that may be), the owner must roll on the above table - multi-classing is a rare, but plausible side-effect of being trained in the Brotherhood. Also, the weighting of the generation table reflects the proportion of Wyrds that take to the teachings, and also the most likely powers manifested by those raised in the brotherhood. Telekinetics are most common, due to the physical nature of the brotherhood’s spiritual training; Telepaths understand the metaphysics more intimately, but have more difficulty applying themselves physically; beastmasters, while in tune with nature, lack discipline; and Pyromaniacs find it exceedingly difficult bringing their firey souls in line with peaceful thought.

Cost to recruit: 100 Credits

During their first days in the Hidden Valley, a new Brother is subtly assessed as to their nature, skills and powers by those around them. One of the most memorable stages of their assessment is their tea reception with the Onikage; during this calm, polite and formal meeting, the new Brother’s killing instinct, will to survive and morals are laid open to the Onikage, and he decides whether the Brother is to be inducted into his or her special training program. Some believe the common claim that the Way of the Shinobi is better suited to helping those who are already too stained with bloodshed to gain benefit from the normal training; others whisper that those chosen for the Path of Shadows are not selected for their own benefit, but to grant the Elders superior Assassins.
Shinobi are often sent to aid Sifu in their guardianship of The People; while they are often looked at askance by other Brothers, their skill is undeniable – as their innumberable victims can testify.

4 3 3 3 3 1 3 1 8

Weapons. The Shinobi may be given equipment chosen from the Shinobi weapons lists.

Wyrd. A Shinobi is a Wyrd, and has two powers generated from the Ninja Power generation chart (re-roll duplicate powers):

Ninja Power Generation Chart
2D6 Roll Power
2 Multiple. Roll twice on this chart.
3 Lotus Skill. Roll on the Lotus Skill Table.
4 Cannot Be Possessed. See the Wyrd Minor Power Table.
5 Spider Man. See the Wyrd Minor Power Table.
6 Lucky Aura. See the Wyrd Minor Power Table.
7 Mirror Image. See the Wyrd Minor Power Table.
8 Chameleon. See the Wyrd Minor Power Table.
9 Zen Shootist. See the Wyrd Minor Power Table.
10 Sense Presence. See the Wyrd Minor Power Table.
11 Freeze Time. See the Wyrd Minor Power Table.
12 Major Wyrd Power. Roll a D6:
D6 roll Result
1 Telepath. Roll on the Telepath Primary Power table.
2-3 Telekinetic. Roll on the Telekinetic Primary Power table.
4-5 Beastmaster. See the rules for Beastmasters.
6 Pyromaniac. Roll on the Pyromaniac Primary Power table.

Experienced. An Shinobi begins play with 20+2D6 Experience Points, and rolls on the Brotherhood advance table. He or she may roll on the Agility, Combat and Stealth skill tables. Due to their secret training, a shinobi starts with 1 advance, rolled on the Brotherhood Advance table. A Shinobi rolling 31 or 32 for his or her starting experience may roll a second advance.


Shadow Masters. A shinobi is highly trained in the arts of stealth and silent murder, and is most at home sneaking up on unsuspecting guards. Every time a shinobi removes a sentry on a Raid or Rescue mission without raising the alarm, he or she recieves an extra 5 experience points.

Hidden Loyalties. While in theory a Shinobi serves the Sifu he or she has been sent to aid, Their true loyalties lie only with the Onikage and the hidden masters of the Brotherhood. Treat their hidden loyalties as an Old Battle Wound; a roll of a 1 signifies the Shinobi being sent on a secret mission by the Onikage instead of working alongside the Sifu.

Any number of SIBLINGS
Cost to recruit: 50 credits.

The bulk of the Brotherhood’s membership consists of lesser Wyrds at various stages in their development into peaceful, harmonious super-human warrior monks - they have all passed a certain level that allows them to travel out into the larger world, however. These individuals are of all different ages, backgrounds and races, but they have been brought together as one big, happy family (or so it seems) in the Brotherhood. The term ‘Sibling’ is used loosely, and simply represents any and all monks under the supervision of a Sifu.

4 2 2 3 3 1 3 1 6

Weapons. The Sibling may be given equipment chosen from the Sibling weapon lists.

Equipment. The Sibling may be equipped with an Alms Bowl for 10 credits.

Wyrd. A Sibling is a Wyrd, and has one roll on the Minor Power generation table (see the rules for Wyrds), re-rolling a result of 11-16. If you gain a Primary Power, roll on the Brotherhood Primary Power Generation Chart to determine the type of Primary Power.

Experienced. The training and ability of a Sibling can vary greatly from one to the next.
A Sibling begins play with 2D6 Experience Points, and rolls on the Brotherhood advance table. He or she may roll on the Agility, Combat, and Lotus skill tables. A Sibling with 6-10 starting experience may roll 1 advance on the Brotherhood advance table, and a sibling with 11-12 starting experience may roll 2.

Weapon Cost
Chain or Flail 10
Club, Maul, Axe 10
Knife Free/5
Massive weapon 15
Sword 10
Fighting Staff 15
Autopistol 15
Bolt Pistol 20
Stub Gun 10
Frag Grenades 30
Krak Grenades 50
Dum-Dum Bullets 5
Man-Stopper 5
Hot-Shot 5
Bolt Ammo (for 15
Chain or Flail 10
Knife Free/5
Sword 10
Autopistol 15
Bolt Pistol 20
Handbow 5
Throwing Knives 5
Stub Gun 10
Frag Grenades 30
Krak Grenades 50
Dum-Dum Bullets 5
Silenced Grapple 60
Weapon Cost
Autogun 20
Boltgun 35
Lasgun 25
Meltagun 95
Plasma Gun 70
Shotgun 20

N.B. the special weapons list is included solely in case a Brother ever gains the Specialist ability.


Alms Bowl
Cost: 5 credits.
The Brotherhood teaches its followers one important lesson, often forgotten in the Underhive: humility. No Sibling is ashamed to beg for their survival; in fact, it is an institutionalised aspect of their lifestyle, to live as paupers, risking life and limb for citizenry, only to throw their survival on the mercies of these hard-living people.
The purchase of an Alms Bowl for one of your monks represents the model having taken a Vow of Poverty and service to Humanity (which may never be revoked), and having received special training, both in the use of their special talents and in psychology, so they are more successful beggars than an ordinary human. Some Habbers have been known to walk away from giving to a disguised Brother with a distinct feeling of unworthiness, as if they had just been in the presence of one of the Emperor’s Miracles.
Special Rules
The purchase of an Alms Bowl for a Monk allows a single re-roll of his Foraging dice per income phase.

Fighting Staff
Cost: 15 credits.
The staff is more commonly used as a big club in the underhive; most users lack the finesse to make anything more of it. An individual with the Martial Arts training provided by the Brotherhood, however, wielding a staff of the right density and flexibility, can be truly deadly.
Special Rules
A fighting staff adds +1 to the user’s strength in Close Combat, and allows them to parry. It is a two handed weapon, so the user gains no second attack dice for two hand weapons, but does not automatically lose ties; it is also impossible to pack away a staff, so it always occupies one of the wielder’s hands, preventing them from using any other two-handed weapons; and because of the large sweeping motions used in the staff kata, and the size of the weapon, when making a group attack it can be as much of a danger to the wielder's allies as the enemy. any enemy model in base contact with a model wielding a fighting staff may use the combat master skill.

Master Crafted Sword
Cost: 70 credits (only available through Swordsmith skill)
The Middle Way of the compassionate warrior has over eighty thousand Dharmas- some Brothers choose to focus their considerable mental power not on the art and actions of war itself, but on the instruments of war, and their perfection. In losing oneself in the metal, one disconnects oneself from the world of sense-pleasures. In removing imperfections from the blade, one removes imperfections from oneself. In creating a perfect weapon, one perfects oneself.
The Master Crafted Sword portrayed here is the work of years of study, training, and obsession, with the psychic powers of the Wyrd being completely focused on perfection of the blade itself. In these conditions, true miracles can be performed.
Special Rules
The Master Crafted Sword gives a bonus of +1WS, +2S and +1A to its user in close combat, and may not be used in concert with any other weapons - and of course, it allows its user to parry.

Silenced Grapple
Cost: 40 credits (only available to Shinobi)
The signature item of equipment for a Ninja, the 41st millenium’s equivalent is perfect for the uses of the brotherhood’s Shinobi - except for one aspect; the noise. Brotherhood Grapples are spring-powered and carefully damped to minimise noise, and constructed of lightweight polymers by the Onikage’s craftsmen.
Special Rules
The Silenced Grapple is identical to a standard Grapple, but is completely silent and will not trigger the alarm in a raid.

Throwing Knives
Cost: 5 Credits (only available to Shinobi)
The martial training of a Shinobi revolves around the Silent Kill, and to that purpose they often arm themselves with weapons most gangers would sneer at, simply for their use on Stealth missions. The Throwing Knife is one such weapon. Most Knives are designed for ease of use in close combat or for general purpose, with the focus being on the handle and relation of the blade to the user. The Throwing knife is balanced for efficiency of throwing, and has little or no handle to allow the user to make use of it in close combat. Some believe that the knives of the Shinobi are made from some mystical material, which reacts to the user’s powers and allows them to guide them with uncanny accuracy. Whatever the truth may be, the weapon is certainly deadly in the right hands.
Special Rules
A Throwing knife is treated exactly as a Grenade for the purposes of its profile, and strikes with the strength of the user. Throwing knives are completely silent and will not trigger the alarm in a raid (unless the sentry survives).

D6 roll Result
1 Master Faster: The Brother may add +2 to his Fasting rolls.

2 Serenity: From learning the ways of the Sensei, and recalling his natural
harmony with all things, the Brother has developed the ability to exude
pure peace and serenity, creating a null-zone for malevolent warp entities.
Any Wyrd (friend or foe!) within 6” may use the Brother’s Ld when
attempting to cast a spell or defend from Possession, and deducts 1 from
any dice roll of a daemon attempting to injure him or suck him into the
warp. In addition, The Brother himself may also re-roll any result on the
Perils of the Warp table. Rolling this skill for a second time increases the
radius of influence by 3”, and gives a further -1 modifier to the dice for
daemon attack or being Sucked into the Warp.

3 Swordsmith: before each game, roll a D6. on a 6, the Brother has forged a
new sword! Roll again on the following table:
D6 roll Result
2-3 Knife
4-7 Sword
8-9 Massive Sword
10 Beautiful Sword (The sword gives no bonuses in combat,
but may be sold at a Trading Post for 8D6 credits)
11 Power Sword
12 Master Crafted Sword (See above)

4 Gentle Fist: if the Brother takes an enemy Out of Action while using
Martial Arts (e.g. fighting unarmed), Immediately roll a D6. on a roll of
1-3, the model makes a Full Recovery; on a roll of 4-6, it is Captured.
Your opponent does not need to roll on the injury table for the Out of
Action model.

5. Weapon Mastery: The Brother has trained beyond the limits of human
endurance with a particular style of fighting. It is now instinctive to the
extreme, part of his psyche and soul.
Nominate one close combat weapon carried by the Brother - or choose
Martial Arts, if he has none. He has now Mastered this weapon in a way
no ordinary human could: he may re-roll fumbles when armed with this
weapon (but only this weapon, not if using it in conjunction with another -
unless he has Mastered both weapons). Note it down on the gang roster in
the same way as you might a Rapid Fire specialisation (e.g. Weapon
Mastery - Fighting Staff)

6. Artist/Farmer: choose one or the other. If you choose Artist, the Brother
has started learning the noble art of Calligraphy, and spends his spare time
meditating on the strokes of his pen. roll a D6 for the Brother before each
game. On a roll of a 6, he has produced a work of art - treat as a Mung
Vase. If you choose Farmer, the Brother has learned the skill of life-
sowing from the Elders, and can bring greenery to even the most barren of
places. If he or she works your Territory, you earn double the normal

Brotherhood Advance Table
2D6 Roll Result
2 New ability. Sibling or Sifu: Choose any skill table OR the Wyrd Minor Power Table and generate a skill or power from it. Shinobi: roll on the Ninja Power table, re-rolling duplicates.
3-4 New skill. select one of the standard skill tables for the Brother and
randomly generate a skill from it.
5 Characteristic increase. Roll a D6: 1-3= +1 Strength, 4-6= +1 Attacks.
6 Characteristic increase. Roll a D6: 1-4= +1 WS, 5-6= +1 BS.
7 Characteristic increase. Roll a D6: 1-3= +1 Initiative, 4-6= +1
8 Characteristic increase. Roll a D6: 1-4= +1 WS, 5-6= +1 BS.
9 Characteristic increase. Roll a D6: 1-3= +1 Wounds, 4-6= +1
10-11 New skill. select one of the standard skill tables for the Brother and
randomly generate a skill from it.
12 New ability. Sibling or Sifu: Choose any skill table OR the Wyrd Minor Power Table and generate a skill or power from it. Shinobi: roll on the Ninja Power table, re-rolling duplicates.

Modelling the Brotherhood: while the GW range has some miniatures suitable for representing the Brotherhood, they are difficult to dig out and often require extensive conversions. Obviously this can be great fun, and I have deliberately not specified how the brotherhood should look to keep things creative (a gang of intergalactic hobos, perhaps?) but for my gang I wanted a more classical appearance.

Firstly, I’d recommend the Perry Twins. For anyone who doesn’t already know who they are, the Perry Twins are arguably the best sculptors that GW have ever had. In their spare time, they run their own company, Perry Miniatures – – which has a consistently high quality, dirt cheap selection of historical figures. I utilised the Ninja and Samurai in Everyday Clothing boxed sets for my Shinobi and a couple of siblings, with minor conversions in each case to ‘techify’ them up a bit.
Secondly, Hasslefree has a range of martial artist models that are a little expensive, but amazing quality.
Other than that, have a google, and enjoy!
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I'd say other cultists would refuse to be converted. Their dedication to their cause is too strong for the zealous followers to be converted. They're stripped of their gear and sent out into the wastes, never to be seen again.
@jim^4 certainly! Yeah I should have posted 'warning - bloody long'

@chitching - that's a fair point, and brings it more into line with current 40K background. Back when I wrote this the concept of the illuminati and sensei wasn't completely retconned, so giving these guys the potential to redeem evil souls didn't seem too impossible. Nowadays, talking to them = grimdark destruction :)


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