N18 New Gangs from "Necromunda: Gang Tactics Cards" PDF


Apr 20, 2018
From the beginning.

1) IP & "Fear of copy my copy"

There is different between making moulds for yourself and selling cast from your moulds to the others. I've made A LOT of moulds but never sell or give anyone things I don't have rights. Same goes with electronic stuff.

On the other hand @Thorgor catch problem perfectly. If I'll make those files public, even for free, GW will hunt my arse for it. And believe me, I'll be in worst situation then random folks on vk.com who will start selling them (because why they shouldn't?). You really didn't thought for a moment somebody will try to have profit from it? And why they'll hunt my arse harder than theirs? Because I was first who make them public - so predicted cumulative loses will be on my arse. Ofc. you can complain. And who care if some folk will be sue for his generosity. You'll have nice looking cards and it's all about you care.

So my actions are mostly based because I like not being sue by any big company. It's better to think twice then suffer consequences.

2) "Anyway, being greedy about your own manually copied artwork has little value now, as the original artwork is freely available. "

Don't make me laugh. Seriously. Who is mad here because he didn't get what he want for free and he demand it right here, right now?
What comes to cards... Yes. And no. But let's check why:
- files are in CMYK range so you'll have problem with final colours when printing those stuff on colour laser printers which use mostly RGB colour range.
- cards sizes are not MtG and if you want it in this size, so you will need manually correct fonts sizes, paragraphs, interline, kerning etc. etc. - not hard but time consuming
- your cards are limited to exclusives right now, and you still need to put a bit effort to create your own version of every card - it's also time consuming.
- it's not free available - it's for printing & photocopy for personal use. It means if you use those materials for creating any other art or material you'll break the law. Like any other card. If you do it, fine, do it. It will be eventually your arse on fire, not mine.

Overall - I suggested guy who was behind Underhive Tool my recreated cards artworks. For maybe making something like online deck builder. He didn't answer, so it means he wasn't interested.

And... you make fun of me because you are basing on knowledge I've found and presented?
Jun 23, 2016
They were, but have a look at the concept art for the AW Nomads.

Yeah those pictures shows me that they are wearing an outfit to look weird not mutations, if they are muties then they are Scavvies living in the Ash Waste and not really Nomads in the sense that they used to be, as the Ash Waste Nomads were exile gangs forced out of the Hive, if they changed that and they are muties alias Scavvies then why call the Ash Waste Nomads and not just Ash Waste Scavvies or Mutants, well that's just my opinion.
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Jul 22, 2018
I thought that second row far left was Venators (with third row far left being Hired Guns).
Could as well be the Khornate Chaos Cult they teased in the last seminar, but I don't think so.


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Nov 9, 2018
I thought that second row far left was Venators (with third row far left being Hired Guns).
Could as well be the Khornate Chaos Cult they teased in the last seminar, but I don't think so.
Venators are 100% the bottom row, far left (the skull and crossbones with one eye)- it's on their card and used in the new book.

Based on the silhouettes of the design sketches shown off at the Horus Heresy Weekender- many of which featured similar blade-like crests- my money is on Ash Waste Nomads.
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