Question new here and having interface issues with Underhive manager


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Feb 17, 2011

My friend and I are long time Necromunda fans but we are having issues with our handwriting and legibility. We are a couple games into our campaign and I was looking to transcribe our gang info and use your handy printouts. So trying to use your manager system, but I have run into a couple of problems. I did not see a "How-to" guide of sorts, so if I am in the wrong area I apologize.

Cant add credits to the the gang stash
Cant add equipment that was a reward (since the Trading Post says we have no creds)
Master Crafted items (Van Saar Prime Equipment List) are not available in the drop downs
Van Saar Archeoteks can purchase Cyber for 50% but wouldnt the full value of the Cyber be added to the value of the gang member?

Thanks for any and all help



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Sep 15, 2012
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Hi! Let me see if I can help you with your issues!

You can alter the gangs credit stash by selecting the edit button on the gang information tab-

Then scroll down to the credits field and input your credits-

To add equipment, there are two steps you may need to take.
First, if you’re trying to add equipment that doesn’t appear on the fighters house weapon list or trading post, you’ll need to turn off equipment restrictions (this setting means a fighter will only ever see weapons and equipment that are appropriate to his house and type).
This can be down by pressing the drop down menu button (the horizontal lines) and selecting settings-

Then, scroll down and turn off equipment restrictions (there is a similar option for skills)-

Whether this step is needed or not, you can always give a fighter equipment for free by pressing the ‘+’ on the trading post. This gives the fighter the item for free. The credit symbol is how you buy the weapon, with the cost being automatically deducted from the stash.

Master crafted items have to be created by the user from scratch, as there currently isn’t a way for the system to have mastercrafted options for every weapon without having a huge weapons list. When the tools were created, master crafted wasn’t a weapon trait like it is now, it was an individual weapon. There are plans to add MC as a weapon trait in the future though. In the meantime, please follow this guide to make your own. It isn’t difficult, and will help give you an idea on how the custom tools work. They’re really powerful and are able to create just about anything that isn’t hard-coded already.

Van Saar cyber- can’t really help there, there are a lot of crazy things about costs that don’t quite add up in this game, it is for better minds than mine to determine if this is kosher or not. Have a look with the forum search tool to see if there are any threads about this issue, and if not why not start one up and get a conversation going?

Hope this helps!


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