New (ish) year, new (ish) army


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Oct 1, 2018
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So, this year I'm doing "The Great Game Closet Clean Out" and a friend of mine is taking some of my mountain of shame off my hands.

He's wanting to get the Chaos Knights when their released, but he had Canis Rex along with 3 boxes of Armigers (all still in their boxes) he was originally going to convert to Chaos.

So, like an idiot - or plastic crack junkie - I offered to take them in trade. Now I have the beginning of a Knight army, fortuitously right before their codex comes out.

In all honesty I have been wanting to build and paint a knight household since they came out but just didn't want to spend the money. Problem solved I guess. LoL

Has anyone built and/or played Knights? Any advice on assembling the models along building and playing the force would be appreciated.
Well, the instructions should be around for a basic build. But I like to use bits and greenstuff to make more unique models and try for action poses. Tentacles and claws gripping lances?

Have you picked out a dark power for the knights to follow? If so that lends itself to many conversion opportunities if you grab a few daemon sprues to mix in.

Or perhaps you have a more original backstory? It could even be a vampire clan, underneath the suits.

I don't know AO Sigmar or Fantasy Battles well, but you will probably want some chump block units of servants or slaves. Something to tie up good units while the Knights get a charge in. It used to matter more in WFB with flanking.

Good luck.
Sorry, if I wasn't clear in my post. I'm doing Imperial Knights, my friend is doing Chaos Knights. Both of us are rather looking forward to a clash of the titans.

I suppose though we should play Adeptus Titanicus at this point. :ROFLMAO:

As for building, I'm talking actual assembly of the models.

I really shouldn't post when I'm half awake.
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Sorry I cant be of much use, but a big thing I have been told by friends who have built these is leave all the carapace off and paint that separately as it allows for you to get the main body sprayed and drybrushed easily, then you can take your time on the carapace (where all the fancyness happens)