New models incoming

So, from the woodcut image in the trailer, the heroes of the new Quest game are witch hunter, sky-dwarf with harpoon, elf satyr, and someone ... bulky. To start with. Orc or Ogre?


Villains include a boss zombie with a shovel-halberd, and two clock hands impaled through his chest.
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I could instantly predict the flying fox was going to be disliked by some around here, and knowing you guys a little by now I know why, but I will also admit that it is the first Lumineth model I actually like enough to buy it just so I can paint it. Could've done without the horns on the mask, but eh, aesthetics and all. The same principle goes for the Vampire warband, I don't actually play Warhammer Underworlds, but I love those guys enough to make room in the display cabinet regardless.

As my dear grandmother often says "Gusta und Uafeign san hoit faschidn". Which is barely intelligible even for people around here, what she means is "to each their own".
Every time I claim a model is the “worst model GW ever made” they have to go and prove me wrong.

Worst model SO FAR. (Simpsons GIF optional.)

I quite like most of what I've seen, especially the Underworlds undead and the prospect of a not-Mordheim game, but I doubt I'll actually buy any of it.
Oh. Right. And technically a new Kill Team boxed set including some Necrons re-released and a band of Primaris Lieutenants.

And a Jes Goodwin sketch for a Titan in between the Warlord and the Imperator.

But the Underworlds vampires and the HeroQuest Undead core game are the big news today for me.
Turns out the witch Hunter is from new Warhammer quest cursed city.
These guys on the other hand are for Warhammer underworlds.
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These models I also like, though have been trying for ages to avoid Shadespire, despite some very nice models the card count is too high for my liking...

On the fence about the quest game.. like the look (so far) still got alot of Blackstone expansions to play...
Note that SO FAR, all of the Underworlds warbands have eventually been released as card-free AoS boxes about what, two years later? Saves almost ten dollars off the price. So really, whether bought for the Underworlds game or not, price difference is around $2 per model to not wait the two years.
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Must be a new design directive “all models must be stood on something or have clutter around their feet”.

Much like they’ve ditched basing for scenery these days it must be only a matter of time before they ditch the miniature bases too. They don’t need them, they’re all stood on scenery anyway!
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I like the witch hunter (keeps vibes from previous witch hunter minis but with a nice update).
I like the vampires (I can see them being used as hero models in WHFB/AOS/Mordheim).
I would like to like the Kill Team box, probably for the rules more than the models.

Everything else is pretty much not impressing me, but then I'm a grognard.

Also, not a lot of "divine" in that preview, mostly just "dead" stuff.
The Underworld vampire is much better, but I wouldn't say that it suits Frostgrave (imho). I thought I'd seen something about vampires being featured in a new 2021 supplement, but can't recall where so may have that wrong.

Not sure where this first came from, but this is what I was thinking of:

Frostgrave: Blood Legacy

A new supplement for Frostgrave with expanded rules for vampires and giants, a new soldier type in the huge giant-blooded and guidelines and scenarios for playing Frostgrave with high-level wizards.

In the days of ancient Felstad, vampires kept to the shadows, their small numbers no match for the power of the city's wizards. But when the cataclysm struck the wizards were destroyed, while the deathless vampires went into a frozen hibernation. Now, as the city thaws, so to do its undead inhabitants. The masters of the night are rising again: reoccupying their hidden strongholds, reforming their old cabals and finding new victims to serve as their thralls. The destruction of the old city has brought one other boon to the vampires--giant's blood. While giants used to live out of reach to the far north, in the intervening millennium, they have descended on the city in large numbers. Their blood is like an elixir to the vampires, filling them with strength and magical power. A new war is forming between these two ancient races, and once again, the wizards of Frostgrave are caught in the middle.

This supplement for Frostgrave: Fantasy Wargames in the Frozen City presents greatly expanded information about the vampires and the giants that occupy the frozen ruins, including rules for vampiric magic and a breakdown of the different tribes of giants. Also included are rules for a new type of soldier, the giant-blooded. These huge men and women have the blood of giants running through their veins, granting them great strength unseen in normal men. Finally, the book contains a section on playing Frostgrave with high-level wizards and includes two mini-campaigns to challenge these experienced spellcasters.

Joe (author) just posted something about needing a vampire on a FB comment too. Nice of GW to keep supporting Frostgrave. I was thinking their over-sized Blood Reavers could be good giant-blooded too.
I think someone earlier in the thread summed it up well, Peeps round here like models that fit in with our vision of the Warhammer and Warhammer universes. For 40k this is a technologically stagnant bleak universe inspired by comics like Judge Dread and Rogue Trooper with the races lifted from Warhammer, which in turn is inspired by Tolkien etc.

When something goes against this version of the fluff, I’m thinking Van Saar hoverboards and STC access and seemingly the new High Elves “we” don't like it. It’s probably the old Gronard in us, after all the old timers are here on YakTribe because we loved a game from our teens, but please if you love the new Necro don’t mock us for it - those of us that are left, more or less single handedly kept the IP alive* so that it was a viable investment for GW to return to the Hive.

In turn we try to keep this antiquated technology known as a forum welcoming to all (even if you are misguided ;) )

Love the Troll.

*For years 90% of the hits for Necro on google came here. Imagine that! Madness.

I don't like the Van Saar hoverboards partly because they don't fit really make sense within the game world (how can you duck behind cover if you're flying around on a giant board?!), but mostly because they look like they've borrowed them from a bunch of friendly necrons.

Equally, I don't like (some of) the new Lumineth not because they don't fit my image of warhammer (although there's an open question as to why they converted High Elves, rather than just creating a new race), but because the models look dorky (kangaroo riders) or just plain dumb (cow heads). I like the Eltharion model, for example.

Also - re the new Warhammer quest (the models for which, so far, look amazing) - is it me or does the Undead thingy have a bit of a resemblance to the Gaunt Summoner from Silver Tower (you know, except for being dead).
Those Sister of Battle dreadknight/Barbie Doll abominations...I stopped the video on first view of the Toy Story Legs inspired model and fled, which is fine. I don't need a quality sister dreadnought or piloted walker tempting me away from other hobby purchases. I am grateful for the plastic SOB troops, arcos, penitent engines and vehicles and I'll leave it at that.

I've long hoped for 40K to re-run the cycle of crusades, the return of technological innovation and maybe even the Imperium stabilized either through the re-birth of the Emperor or lessening of Chaos through the return of the Eldar gods or some other story arc before the inevitable betrayal/screw up that swings the pendulum back. Instead I've seen a lot of Primaris (lieutenants and otherwise), more hover technology than I can shake a stick at and 30 seconds to midnight story telling. Again I choose to mostly not take it and have happily washed up on the shores of the sump to plague the underhive with my semi-complete models and so so puns. Many thanks to all, especially the grognards, for building and sustaining a quality hobby community.
Does anyone have any idea of timing for the new Warhammer Quest box, by the way? I couldn't see anything on the announcement at all, but the fact that they're doing staggered reveals of the characters suggests it may be a while away..
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(important words)

While I admit that I do despair over some rare examples of extreme Grognarderie, I always try and do it as quietly as possible. Because this here place is a special one, where the line between "I do not like this" and "I do not like you because you like this" is barely ever crossed and if so usually with a smile. That's not a given in online communities, this much I know from painful experience. Your welcoming atmosphere is what got you saddled with me in the first place.

So yes, thank you oldtimers (who are not much older than me as far as I know) for keeping this ship afloat. She is a beaut, with all her odd stains, and creaks and the cold spot on deck 4 that steals your breath.