New models incoming

This looks like a video game arena from Doom where you run around at breakneck speed to avoid bullets. Many opportunities to jump/climb from some elevation to another. Suited for KT? Lack of cover says no.
Add some overhead and scatter terrain elements and you could run Ultimate Mars Ninja contests. It would still be shite for KT though.
The Kill Team box has all the walkways you need for a necromunda terrain using sector mechanicus. Not enough of those in other boxes. Alone and for Kill Team it looks a bit dull. At least almost no cover on vantage, which is good as that will break some games (silent snipers). New striking scorpions sculpts must be a more welcome release for 40k players than kill team. Don't look like there are many unique specialists which is typical for kill team. More similar to the compendium style? The scouts are nice, almost 1:1 with the old in terms of weaponry (without too much silly new tech). Unfortunately I recently built all the scouts I need from the old sculpts, so too soon for me to do that again.
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I was wondering about the foldability of it myself.

I’m sure it’s printed card - “plus a double-sided game board representing the toxic, fume-shrouded oceans of Bheta-Decima.”

However the bottom picture looks like part of the top one, except the top one has water each side and a bit above it.

So I’m not sure. It’s either cropped or it folds in a weird way.

The other alternative is that one side has a massive lake in the middle and the other is walkways over water.

Either way, I think that could be useful for Necromunda.
Ooh, good point. Just checked the twitch it is double sided - so that top bit of the top pic is probably the reverse side. Following a season of Into the Dark -Does this mean a series of aquatic themed KT sets? Or is that moot now they've separated terrain from actual Kill teams?

The Kill Team box has all the walkways you need for a necromunda terrain using sector mechanicus. Can't get enough of those.

SM walkways came in 2 sizes from memory, this set comes in 3 sizes, wondering if that's just rules or a new walkway sprue with longer walkways on?
So, could be nothing, but the blurb on the Scorpions Kill Team suggests that they are in fact "Blades of Khaine" and are composed of more than one type of aspect warriors. Since this is really just an excuse to drop new Striking Scorpions (which may receive a proper release later along with Karandras, fingers crossed), the list provided in the pack-in booklet likely lets you use other Aspect Warriors in lieu of the traditional specialists. This approach avoids them having to add a totally unfitting upgrade sprue that they might have to give 40k rules to. Dunno if this will actually be the case.
hey guys, long time! I promise to upload some models to my blog this week ;)

The GW review caught my interest as I have always been daydreaming of an Ash Waster on Stilts in a Mad Max 'Crow Fishers' / Francis Bacon / Hieronymus Bosch Surrealist 'Hellscape' inspired kinda way... This could be the opportunity to turn something polarising into something very cool for Necromunda.

I've been day dreaming about an ash waste gang who roam on stilts and splints, farming the quick ash sands and swamps...


Apparently these French dudes farmed bogs and wetlands for hundreds of years:

Do they not have a 15 year old boy the can show designs to and see if they laugh and say 'penis' before sending them to production?

To be completely honest, I dare to say they do it on purpose - they slowly test how far they can go with the ridiculousness. They already have a bunch of over-the-top models, like the primaris desolators with their weapons strapped on to more weapons, with weapons strapped to them. This makes the models stand out in more ways than just crisp sculpting or great quality. And with more and more 3d print options out there, they somehow need to step up their modelling to remain competitive.
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I love the Squat vehicle, but just like the tracked ironcrawler or whatever it's called, I won't buy a resin vehicle that big as it'll be too pricey. It's a self fulfilling prophesy - we release this in resin as not many folks will buy it - but that's doubly true if it's 80 quid, in an inferior medium, and not available from third parties!
Would make a good replacement for the 40k Squat transport; shame it's not big enough to replace the Hekaton.
Its the kind of vehicle design that 10 years ago would have cost me most of my Saturday either online and/or at Home Depot or a hardware store looking for the shapes to try and get the basic profile at suitable savings from FW prices. Now I just think “Some crafty bastard is going to take a toilet ball float and the perfectly scaled container of kids magnetic building toys along with 3d printed bits and crank out an excellent proxy in no time…and that’s okay.”
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It's really the first bit that's tempting me to forge world in a big way.

Though, I did get some Servo-Hauler kit a while back, I bet they'd kitbash well with a Land Raider or Vindicator, to make something - well, not as good, but a reasonable proxy that's cheaper and easier to work with!

Tempting either way though. I'll be so poor. 😭
ForgeWorld will cost you a pretty penny. Ok, several thousand pretty pennies.

I like the design, it’s as observed, quite nautical - though that comes down to its porthole and colour choice I think.

I does look like it needs that big green Thunderbird to deploy it though!!
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