New models incoming

There certainly seems to have been a Necromunda hype slow-down. They closed/stopped posting to the "official" Necromunda facebook group recently didn't they? It's hard to believe Newcromunda was released 7 years ago. May I insert wild speculation that they're working on 2nd Edition? (can of worms about how many actual editions N17-23 have been so far aside). Or it could be the product cycle coming slowly to an end. Or it could just be a quiet time and they're going to announce a massive new £300 Eye of Selene box next week. Who knows!
I quite like those. They remind me a little of the old metal RT era Sentinels.
I like them too. At first glance they look like the upscale version of the Cawdor Ridge Walker I might have wanted for a gang with an Ash Wastes presence. Proper seat, stable looking walker...make some explosive lances...troll hair flowing in the howling wind as they crest the ash dune...
May I insert wild speculation that they're working on 2nd Edition?

Blood Bowl was released in 2016, then got a '2nd season' in 2020. So, if GW think that Necromunda is still on the 2017 edition, then I guess it could be overdue a new one. But maybe they think it had one in 2018, 2023, or at some other point. Who knows?
They’ve left it rather late if they do. Plus I’d be very surprised after jus releasing the Core Rulebook last year!!

Unless that was the 2nd Edition… 🤔
Malstrain, Brats, a distressing absence of Delaque vehicles, ominous/hammy "was Delaque obliterated early in the Succession events?" quips; I'm calling Necromunda: Secundus Edition right now. (And have been for a few weeks...)

(Possibly a more svelte boxset than Ash Wastes was? A sprue of Delaque vehicles and five-man gang vs a sprue of whatever makes Malstrain malstrained*, a fiver gang of them, and a cheap & cheerful "Reference Only" rulebook?)

* Ill-prepared loose leaf tea?
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Has anyone mentioned the human light infantry for Oathmark?


They can be used to make militia or rangers. One thing I like is that their shields look like old, tattered versions of those carried by the regular infantry.

They should be useful as lightly-armoured troops for Mordheim, Frostgrave, etc. And, since they're fairly thin, they might work well as elves too, with appropriate heads.
Has anyone mentioned the human light infantry for Oathmark?

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<snip>They should be useful as lightly-armoured troops for Mordheim, Frostgrave, etc.
I've not - but I'm certain you're right. I've been footering about with a mix of Dwarf Light Infantry & Stargrave Scavengers. They're a lot of fun. Not sure they look *right* vs Ironhead or Votann, aesthetically, but they're otherwise exactly right for the whole notion otherwise.

Tremendous fun kitbashing, easy to do.

(Also the Dwarf Light Infantry have a lot of cool hoods and neat hats!)
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the Dwarf Light Infantry have a lot of cool hoods and neat hats!

I like the heads and the mining weapons, but the bodies seem to have some pretty awkward poses. YMMV, but I'm not the only one to think this. I saw someone on Youtube who went to great lengths to 'fix' them:

Oh heck - yes. I'd forgotten that detail, but yes: two of the five bodies are quite oddly posed! Really slipped my mind. Not a big issue for rank-and-file - they can go in the middle - but alone they really are a touch odd.

I've not tried the other oathmark dwarf bodies, but the kitbash potential is great all the same.

I'll be checking that video out ASAP though, even a bit of an improved pose on the weird ones would be a lovely & welcome thing.
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I'll be checking that video out ASAP though

It's the first of three parts in which he twists bodies round and swaps two-handed weapons from left-handed to right-handed poses. Some of it is probably beyond my skill level anyway but, even if I could do all this, it's more time than I'd really want to spend on them. A shame, because the kit does have some useful bits, as you said to begin with. (Thankfully, I managed to get some spares off eBay, though perhaps paid a bit too much for them.)
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Ah, neat. I caught some of the first one and I did think "I don't bloody care that they're left handed! No, I do, it's about bloody time they get some representation!!" 😅

The sleeves thing is neat - I can appreciate wanting to do that, but I'm cack-handed, and painting them as like a leather shoulder pad added as uniform (like an epaulette or brassard or whatever) seems fine!

But the - simple - saw and slight twist ("so the torso points a little more between the legs", I think he said!? Quite right! That sorts it 100%!) seems immensely workable.

But the shoulder pads and left handed don't bug me in the slightest. Not at all enough to dissuade me from the pile upstairs still to get on with! Do fancy getting a razor saw now to do those wee twists! 😎
Mmmm, this slow drip of new Kroot models.

While I don't like the new Hounds design as much as I like the old Hounds design, the rest, including this new scout-Shaper, have been so far quite tasty. Ah, for a budget.