N18 New player - fluffy first chaos helot cult gang list


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Mar 25, 2024
Now then champions,

I have 'An Idea' for my first Necromunda gang I've been cooking up for a month or two now. Posting here in the vain hope someone will take pity on a noob and tell me if it is pure garbage or not.

Important to note I am 100% expecting it to be completely sub-optimal and semi-garbage in meta hyper-optimised campaigns - I'm doing it for the story, not the victory.
But will I be crying by the end of my first scenario?

Once they're built and painted I will post more, but the inspiration is from an Eisenhorn short story - I'm going with a PTSD-d guardsmen squad (hence lasgun spam) who have drawn the passing attention of The Changer of Ways.
The demagogue is a bit all over the place. He has a good long range gun, but also a powerful close combat weapon. So, where is he going? I would probably take a shotgun instead of the long rifle, making the demagogue more suited for mid-short ranged fight. Also, the chain claive takes two hands, so you can't use the knife at the same time.

Being a pre-2020 gang, chaos helots don't get a specialist at the start, but one regular ganger can have a special weapon.
Good to know, thank you!

I had the points for the chainglaive left over, and thought he could bail out a h2h combat if need be, considering the rest of the gang would get minced against a melee gang. I will do some more thinking though. thanks for the advice
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I'd say the Grenade launcher (Am 6+) ganger needs a backup Reclaimed Autopistol more than the 4 Lasgun (Am 2+) gangers do, and if you drop a couple of said Reclaimed Autopistols you might wanna give your 2 champions Mesh rather than Flak, as 5+ for 15c is much better value than 6+/5+ against Templates for 10c and better at keeping your champs safe. I thoroughly approve of your narrative approach and chosen inspiration, that's a wicked Eisenhorn short story. Enjoy!
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I'd universally drop the reclaimed autopistols and try up-gun one of your gangers to a shotgun, makes the gang less spammy and is also a much better damage dealer.
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