N18 New Player - Outcast help/request


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Apr 20, 2024
Afternoon all,

I'm hoping to get some help on a starter Outcasts list that I'm trying to build.
The gang is based on a head-cannon I have for them; These chaps come from a banished minor house that seemed to be generating a few too many wyrds, and have been chased into the underhive. Because of their roots, they have a bit of a superiority complex, but also a bit of a structure to them, they still try to act as an organised unit. I plan on making them sufficiently beat up though, to show degradation over time

As a result, I have a few self imposed limitations:
  • Leader should be a Wyrd - Bodyglove, and Mesh
  • At least one other champion should be a Wyrd - Bodyglove, and Mesh
  • At least one champion should be an Officer of sorts (keeps on top of the regulars) - Bodyglove, and Mesh. Happy to bin for a third Wyrd.
  • Scum should be equipped at least like a guardsman, even if they suck. Got to keep up appearances - lasgun or pistol/ccw, and mesh

I'm have a model range in mind, which are the StationForge 'RoyalGuard' and the 'Grimcorp Bounty Hunters'

I've equipped the scum according the the models of the standard troops in the Star Fly set, but over time I'll use the infantry to get access to things like flamers, grenade launchers and plasma.

However, I'm struggling with the actual meat for the bones, the leader and the champions.

What would be a good setup for my leader and two champs?


Current WIP Roster that has my 5 starter scum based on models

Below images:
1 - Yes they're 40 assassins, but I think they would make sick wyrds
2 - Based on the Star Striders kill team. I plan on using the normal lasgun guys (Treat them like rifles) as my starter scum
3 - basic infantry, there's another set that adds some weapon options but I'll likely use these base bodies in the future.



Lasguns are perfectly fine for give scum. The pin perfectly well and they are cheap so you can have many.
The gang composition ratio of three scum to champions is a important factor. Because you must have many low level fighters it limits your access to bigger guns. Unless you upgrade to bolters and shot guns later you will find that your gang lacks higher strength hitting power when compared to other gangs.
You will have a lot of low level firepower but there would be times when you wish for more plasma guns.
Going hard on wyrds can be fun but like using Unstable weapons there is always a constant risk of melting your own brain. It is better to have a balance in your champions.
Currently I am in a campaign with Outcasts and some of my opponents are slave Ogryns and Goliaths. Conventional firepower is important.
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The lack of a starting specialist is a bit punishing as well. If you Trade Post bolters and combat shotguns you give your scum better punch but one less grenade launcher or plasma gun makes it tricky against Tough fighters.
You can work around it by mass low level firepower but you need to roll a lot of 6s
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Also worth investigating incindary grenades as the 4+ to catch fire is a nice leveller. Doesnt matter how pwerful they are, if they are on fire they arnt charging you
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