Necromunda new "pre-order" 40k terrain - Heamotrope reactor

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Jan 23, 2015
Just wondering what folks think of the new GW Haemotrope ("Bloodspinner"?) reactor terrain kit - I quite like the look of them personally, nice and gothic and machine-god / mars / mechanicus-esque! - also noticed the other day that the Fortess of Redemption kits are no longer on the GW site....?

I like that they've made both the void-shield generators (ugly and a little silly looking) and the new Haemotrope reactor compatible with the Promethium pipes kits tho - and lots of juicy detail in the sculpts too - what are everyones thoughts?

On a slight side-note, it seems to me that GW are getting more and more clued-into how the mind of a hobbyist ticks (at last!), 4ok kill-team released & supported, the necromancy of the specialits games division, smaller armies, more bespoke collections etc....
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I like them but I think the exhaust pipes/chimneys kind of ruin them. Don't get me wrong I like the exhaust pipes but not on this model. They would look good on a building but I think I prefer these reactors without them.
hahaha @Azzabat "really grinds your cogs" eh? pun intended...?

yup, it bugs me slightly that the over-IP their stuff with gothic-tech type stuff too, skulls etc... - but its part of their 40k universe, sooo....
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I apologise as I don't usually like crapping all over things, but here we are :-/
"Designed and deployed to provide additional power on the battlefield, the Haemotrope Reactor is an indispensable tool for armies wishing to unleash ever-more destructive waves of plasma upon..."

...if it was to be deployed on the battlefield, then why are there pipes going into the ground? Nothing about this speaks of even the possibility of mobility, or being able to be dropped onto a battlefield by Imperial Ornithopters/Heliochopters.

Ignoring the fluff, and just looking at the sculpt, I am not a fan. One of the main issues I have is with the lack of "appearance of functionality". It looks like it should do something, as if it were possibly a massive spinning cog thing,.. But instead the oversized mechanicus symbol looks like it is just a bulky cheap post-halloweenie sale skull with a few gubbins randomly sticky taped to it.

It has the elegance of a Giraffe with Twin-Linked Lascannons strapped to its face, ridden backwards into battle by a Dreadnought.

"An imposing structure, understood fully by few..."

Yep, I donut understand. Praps if they had gone with a Servitor strapped into the centre, with pistons and cables coming from the poor suffering mindless machine slave to le grande cog, then my rant might have been different.... but, again, here we are. :-o
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Didn't they used to have a ruler or laser pointer or something like that? feels like they just took the same mold and put something around it.
I like a lot of the latest GW scenery stuff and think the promethium pipes are awesome, would have been great to have something not giant skull to go with it.
I was browsing the GW site a couple of weeks ago and on the daily blog thing they was showing off a very similar terrain piece with an electric orb thing. They big'd it up like it had never been done before but I know yours predates there's by a long way and is much better. I think they are ripping you off!
+1000 exp for that @ClockworkOrange !!! That IS THE most awesome thing I have seen on Yak so far!!! Love, love, love it!!!, was thinking of doing a similar piece myself, and back when I had plans to make an Eldar Craftworld BFG (battlefleet gothic) terrain piece to go with my (as yet unpainted & unnassembled Eldar Fleet!) I was gonna use the same thing for the webway portal / "engine" for the thing (using a mini one from Ebay) - very very nice!!, GW gotta step-up their game!!!
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Yeah that truck and trailer is a brilliant conversion. I'm not a fan of the Goliath at all but giving it a trailer really changes the kit into something that just looks "right". I'm not familiar with the actual background of the caravan in the "caravan" scenario but would this work? Or is it supposed to be something less armoured/fast?

As for the Haemotrope reactor, the back looks cool, the skull is the mechanicus thing. Consider how superstitious and backwards these technicians are, and the skulls make some sense. Everything needs to be dedicated to the machine god. The biggest issue for me is that the edges look too smooth and plasticky - I wish the edges were sharper or there was more detail, something for weathering and highlighting to work properly on.

Also this looks like it was made to fit a plasma globe on top...
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