N18 New rulebook worth it?


Sep 24, 2020
Hi all,

I have played a few games with the big PDF rules compendium I downloaded from Yaktribe, alongside the House of Blades book. Is the new GW rulebook worth buying, or is it full of inconsistencies that YT has already corrected in the latest PDF?

I found that the YT PDF differed quite a lot from the Underhive rulebook for scenario rules, making them more forgiving/balanced, but also less explosive/random. The weapons stat corrections were very useful. Wondering what the new hardback rulebook gives us to this effect?



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May 29, 2017
You found the differences because the underhive rulebook was retired in 2018, the hardback was it's replacement and they like to stealth faq and change in future printings like hive war


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Dec 29, 2017
Uhh what rulebooks are we talking about here? 2017?!? 2018? 2019? 2021? All books are different, sometimes small, sometimes big. I don't consider any book "worth it", but YMMW.

What is YT PDF?
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May 29, 2017
No wonder your in a pickle, you're looking at 3 different generations of content for necromunda, there is a more up to date compilation on the discord and topsy has one as well here: https://yaktribe.games/community/threads/bookromunda-complete-house-rules.9513/
The underhive rulebook won't feature in any compilation because its outdated, NCR is a dead compilation before 'house of' gangs released and you have house of blades.

It is probably worth adding that the hardback rulebook you call 'new' is over 3 years old now as well


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Oct 31, 2013
It’s a perennial problem with Necromunda. The whole ruleset is “living” so could be out of date at any one time.

The Hardback Rulebook was from 2018 and there been stealth updates to it since then so technically it’s out of date too.

Newest version is probably the book from the Hive War boxed set (available from eBay) as it includes the updates + the basics for all six gangs. You have your Escher book which the most up to date for them.

Get the Trading Post free PDF from GW which has most general weapon profiles and traits listed too.

Only thing missing will be the Dominion Campaign from the 2018 Rulebook.

How much that is an issue to you only you can decide. All I’ll add is that campaigns aren’t fixed and they keep releasing new ones so you could grab any and play.

If you have Gang War 1 you’ll have the (out of date) Turf War which is still playable if a bit rough. Gang War 4 had the dominion campaign anyway. Both might be in that compilation of yours.

Or you could just get any of the myriad of other campaigns that they’ve released so far or in future.
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