N18 New Scenario: Two Tunnels Showdown

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Mar 6, 2018
A new scenario from the Aporypha Necromunda series is available for download on Warhammer Community: "Twins of Two Tunnels".

and Downloads from Apocrypha Necromunda search results:

After "The Lost Charter" and "Sump City Sinking" the "Twins of Two Tunnels" is already the third little story with a free scenario from the Apocrypha Necromunda series. I like that. Also thanks to Owen who seems to be in charge.
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Not very pleased, but then it's not all bad either. The main issue is we got 122 scenarios (the actual number is higher if you count reprints and the enforcer mini campaign). This one does exactly the same as countless others, with minimal changes. Put an objective in the centre of the battlefield. Have one gang try to defend it and the other try to destroy it by spending x amount of double actions next to it (and passing a test). If this is valuable, it would be easy to create 1000 scenarios in the same style. GW clearly knows how easy it is. The question is how valuable is it?